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    -Name Is: Miguel
    Online: Mikey, Charizard_maa. Cmaa, CM, Mike
    Offline: Megal
    -Sex: Male
    -Birthday: 7-31-1988
    -Hair Color: Brown
    -Eye Color: Brown
    -Height: 5'9
    -Writing Hand: Right
    -Nail Biter?: Nope
    -Can You Roll Your Tongue?: Nope
    -Can You Blow Smoke Rings?: Nope
    -Can You Blow Spit Bubbles?: Kind of
    -Can You Cross Your Eyes?: Nope
    -Tattoos? And Where: None
    -Could You Live Without Your Computer?: Heck no!
    -What's Your Favorite Fruit?: Strawberries?
    -What Pain Hurts More emotional or psychical: Psychical
    -Do You Trust Others Too Easily?: Yes.
    -Have You Ever Played A Game That Required Removal Of Clothing: Nope. haha

    Of Times Your Heart Has Been Broken?: Never
    Of Hearts You Have Broken?: None (as far as I know of)
    Of Drugs Taken Illegally?: Nope
    Of Tight Friends?: Five
    Of CD's Owned?: 34
    Of Scars On Your Body?: Five?

    I Love: Lots of things and people
    I Want: Money
    I Have: Lots of things
    I Wish: For a good life
    I Hate: Things that annoy me
    I Fear: Darkness
    I Hear: Music
    I Ache: Nowhere
    I Care: For my friends and family.
    I Always: Be somewhere doing something.
    I Dance: How I want to.
    I Cry: When I do.
    I Write: Whatever I want.
    I Confuse: Many
    I Can Usually Be Found: At school or at home.

    -Are You A/An:
    Wuss?: Not really
    Gang member?: Nope
    Daydreamer?: Yes
    Alcoholic?: Nope
    Freak?: Yes.
    Brat?: Nope
    Sarcastic?: Not really.
    Goody-goody?: Yes
    Angel?: haha No
    Evil?: No
    Friend?: Yes
    Shy?: Yes
    Adventurous?: Yeah
    Intelligent?: Yes

    Your Best Feature?: My thin body and hair
    Most Annoying Thing You Do?: Idiots
    Biggest Mistake You've Made This Far in your life?: Not being serious
    Describe Yourself In One Word?: Lazy
    A Smell That Makes You Smile?: Anything
    A City You'd Like To Visit?: Tokyo
    A Drink You Order Most Often: Sprite
    The Music You Prefer When Alone?: Anything except country
    A TV Show You Watch Regularly?: One Piece

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