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-Name Is: Mike
Online: Mike, Mikey
Offline: Mad Mike .. don't ask
-Sex: Male
-Birthday: 16/12/1988
-Hair Color: Black
-Eye Color: Brown (I actually had to check myself in the mirror for this one)
-Height: 1.70 m ... no idea about feet/inches
-Writing Hand: Right
-Nail Biter?: Nope
-Can You Roll Your Tongue?: Yes
-Can You Blow Smoke Rings?: Don't smoke
-Can You Blow Spit Bubbles?: To an extend
-Can You Cross Your Eyes?: Yes
-Tattoos? And Where: None
-Could You Live Without Your Computer?: Since I won't die I probably can, but I wouldn't like it
-What's Your Favorite Fruit?: Apple
-What Pain Hurts More emotional or psychical: Emotional ... physical can be treated easily, and your mind can also be distracted from it easily
-Do You Trust Others Too Easily?: No
-Have You Ever Played A Game That Required Removal Of Clothing: Yes, strip poker ... lol

Of Times Your Heart Has Been Broken?: None
Of Hearts You Have Broken?: I hope none
Of Drugs Taken Illegally?: I took alcohol before I was allowed to, otherwise nothing
Of Tight Friends?: Tight friends? Eh, bit weird .. a few, I'd rather not count
Of CD's Owned?: No idea
Of Scars On Your Body?: Too many

I Love: to play cricket
I Want: to be happy
I Have: diabetes type I
I Wish: that they find a way to cure it
I Hate: backstabbing, backstabbers and hypocrites
I Fear: hm, nothing I can think of actually ... although I saw somebody else put 'rejection' here, I don't like that either
I Hear: an aeroplane at the moment
I Ache: nowhere at the moment
I Care: a lot about certain people
I Always: am me
I Dance: never
I Cry: almost never
I Write: notes when I'm in college
I Confuse: certain people
I Can Usually Be Found: wherever I am

-Are You A/An:
Wuss?: I hope not
Gang member?: No
Daydreamer?: Occasionally
Alcoholic?: No
Freak?: No
Brat?: No
Sarcastic?: Yes, sometimes ... lol
Goody-goody?: No
Angel?: No
Evil?: No
Friend?: Yes
Shy?: Yes
Adventurous?: Sometimes
Intelligent?: Yes XD

Your Best Feature?: loyalty
Most Annoying Thing You Do?: annoy people :o
Biggest Mistake You've Made This Far in your life?: Hm, not sure ...
Describe Yourself In One Word?: Introvert
A Smell That Makes You Smile?: Eh ... none I think, actually
A City You'd Like To Visit?: Los Angeles ... Cape Town, South Africa ... certain cities in Australia ... certain cities in South-East Asia ... and certain cities where online friends live
A Drink You Order Most Often: Cola. I'm addicted to cola really. :x
The Music You Prefer When Alone?: Daniel Beddingfield, Evanescence, Robbie Williams
A TV Show You Watch Regularly?: Champions League Football =)