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    Originally Posted by - Sigma - View Post
    I think that's fine. I think maybe she's going to have at least a Pikachu in that hack. After all, there are, I think, 386 Pokemon in all, and she made about 150-200. There are still a lot of Pokemon leftover.
    I've made exactly 202 ^^

    Okay, two informations. No, wait, three.

    Firstly, I've finished pokemon movesets . Still to do : dex entries, cries and a lot of icons ._.

    Second thing. You maybe wonder, how do some maps look, eh? So, here I'll show you a little set, containing routes, cities, caves, gyms etc. Some still with old tilesets/colors. Here it goes:
    Um, on Route E19 is a building - maybe I should remove it and/or put a catchable pokemon there... I don't like it anymore :/

    And last information. Before asking for any beta, ALWAYS check the first post and you will get the answer. (NO, there is no beta yet)

    That's all folks, gotta back to work.
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