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    Well, so, finally all the new Pokes have their attacks, let's hope everything is balanced.

    But, I guess the hardest part will be the icons part, as it'll take a while to sprite everything (and be satisfied with it)

    About those maps you posted, I've been taking a look, and even though first thing I say is "well, it seems you have a lot of maps done", there are a few maps that still show the fact that they are edits of original RS maps (Route4's lower part, Edgeny Town is the town with the Fight Gym, Ethrea Town is the second town in RS, Volcandia is the town with the Water Gym, though this one is still a good edit), it'd be better if you make your maps from scratch by first erasing the map completely and then let your imagination take care of the rest (better if you plan stuff first)
    Take a look at the Map Rating thread, it'll help you with ideas for mapping.

    By the way, that Underwater Tunnel looks odd, mixing the underwater tiles with the normal tiles gives me a bad impression (like, you shouldn't be mixing tiles so drastically), it may also be that I didn't caught the idea of what you were planning there...

    Well, keep up with the work on the Pokes, that's the main point of the hack, as of now