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    This will teach you how to use Advance map.

    Open Advance map and open your rom (r/s/e or fr/lg)
    (in this guide, I'm going to use Ruby)
    Look to the left and you will see-By Header
    By INI
    Map Files

    Double click By Header and you will see a list of numbers. Let's start with the first town, in r/s/e, Littleroot town.
    To get there, double click 0 and then look for Littleroot town.
    (in fr/lg, pallet town is located in the number 3)

    You will then see Littleroot town.
    Now, look right above the picture and you will see 5 bars

    Map view, Movement permissions view, Events view, Wild Pokemon view, and Header view.
    Right now we're in map view, which is what edits the maps. Look to the right in Mapview and you will see pictures of the things you can add to the game.
    The thing as a whole is called the pallete and each picture is called a tile.

    Find the big tree on the pallete and click on it (you may have to scroll down to find it). Click on it and place it anywhere in the map you would like.
    You should relize that only a part of it shows up. The big tree is usually made up of 6 tiles. Just keep putting in different parts until it makes the whole tree.

    Most are only 1 tile like plain grass, or flowers, and some house are made up of many, many tiles. That is why mapping can take a long time.

    Now, click the bar movement permissions view and you will see the whole town covered in numbers/letters. And instead of the pallete, you will see numbers an letters. I know it looks very confusing, but it's actually not that hard.
    What movement permissions view does is let you change what you can walk through and what you can't (e.g. - Can't walk through trees, can walk through grass.)
    I'll tell you the most important ones.

    1=not passable
    4=not passable unless you use surf
    0=climbing ladders
    If you don't know what number to put on a certain tile, look at other maps and copy what is on there.
    Like the tips of trees count as a passable tile.
    So, put 1 on the tree you put on the map except the tip of it.
    Congratulations, you just edited the map! Now remeber, you can insert wayyyyyyyyyyy more than just a tree, so make your maps look good!

    Now We'll talk about events:
    Click the events view bar and you will either see people or wierd tiles that say things like S and W.
    Well each of those weird tiles don't show up like that in the game.
    The green S represents scripts
    The orange S represents a sign
    The purple W represents a warp
    The light green P represents a person
    The red F represent the flight position (where you land when you fly to that place).
    Well since I don't script well at all, we will skip that part.
    The orange S can be placed on any sign post and will say the message when you press A on it.
    Wait..... What message?
    Look on the bar to the right and you will see script offset with a $ and numbers.
    You can change what it says in Advance text or script it, but once again, I can't script!
    Each W you will find will either be on a door, a cave entrance, or stairs/ladders. They warp you to a certain place. Look at the one on your house. It says Map bank and map somewhere on those are the maps that on the left. Littleroot town is mapbank 0 map 9 (0.9). Click on the warp on your house and click follow warp. Then when inside, check the warp(s) at the doorway out. It will say Mapbank 0 map 9. Change it or move the warp around to change where you go.

    Go to settings at the top of advance map (next to file) and select "show sprites"
    You will see only sprites of people. You can change what they say in Advance text............or script it...I wish I could script *sob*
    Each person has a list of things on the right. Sprite # changes the sprite, move type picks how that person moves, movement says how much steps he/she moves. To edit how much a trainer can see you from, change it's view range.
    The flight position is as simple as moving it to where you want.
    (Note... to make another warp on the map or a person or whatever you want, click one and look at the bottom of the list on the right. Change the numbers to the amount you want then press change events. You can't make another flight position. Then a pop up will come up that looks confusing. All you have to do is click the OK bar and another popup will come up saying
    "five results found" Just click OK and double click the first set of numbers. then Click repoint. Go back and in the top left corner you will see what you want)

    Next is wildpokemon view. This is the easiest of them all.
    It's pretty much self explanatory. First off, if there is no wild pokemon in the area you wan't wild pokemon in, click the large button
    Create New Wild Pokemon.
    Check off where you wan't the pokemon to be (grass, water, fishing, etc...)
    (If there already is pokemon in the area and you wan't to add water pokemon, click expand and do the same thing you did with adding a sprite).
    The rest is really easy. Type tells you what pokemon go where (grass, water, etc...) Frequency index is the chances of running into a wild pokemon (the bigger the number, the bigger the chance of you running into a pokemon)

    Then just add the pokemon you want, but make sure you fill in all the spaces. If you don't, missingno will appear. An easy way to fill it all in is the way the regular game does it. Look at route 1 and see that the same pokemon is listed twice or even three times just with a different level in the min/max.

    Header view is the last part. Here you can change the name of the town, the music, the weather etc...

    There is also a way to change the tile set. Take a look at the bottom of your pallete in Littleroot town. You will see a different bottom for every town. Go to Evergrand city and look at the bottom. It looks like the pokemon league doesn't it? To have that tileset, Check the header view of Evergrand city and look what the numbers are in "used tilesets"
    Copy the numbers onto Littleroot town's "used tilesets" and go to the bottom of the pallete and there it is! some of the map may get messed up though, so do this before editing a map.

    The map height and the map width are the size of the map. You can change it to as big or small as you like.

    I hope this guide helped!
    I also hope I can learn how to script

    Edit: Just thought i'd say this, i now can script very well :)!