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    Originally Posted by m4yh3m103 View Post
    If its not too much of a hassle, could someone please make me a save file of this (same stats and all), but for teh VBALink
    ((its a .sg1))
    because if want to get the VBALink spread in my school so that people can battle and stuff (almost EVERYONE has Pokemon on his/her laptops, and i thought that it would bring everyone a little closer together.)
    OR maybe tell me how to convert it?
    I know this is kind of...late?

    but anyway, you can easilly change the save file yourself!

    Just download that save file, and rename it from .sav to .sg1

    For example.....

    Lets say I have a Pokemon Fire Red Save. For Regular VBA, it would show up as Pokemon Fire Red.sav

    If I click on the name of the file, it becomes highlighted, and I can change it! So, just rename it Pokemon Fire Red.sg1 , and it is converted!

    Anyway, just thought I would help here...

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