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The Underwater Tunnel, Desert Cave, and some routes (like E01new and the E04 river) really catch my eye. A novel blend of terrains and landmark features is quite refreshing, to say the least. They're certainly very creative and get me excited about playing through them.

But like zel suggested, some of the maps (like for Greenittle and Edgeny) look very similar to towns already existent in the games. With completely redone Pokemon and routes, and what seems like a completely new epic adventure, it would feel a bit awkward to suddenly encounter a town you've seen countless times in Ruby, for instance.

But the quality overall looks amazing, your Pokemon representing a very attractive fusion between the older sprites and your imagination. I love 018, 186, 123, and the Eveelutions, to name a few. 082 and 086 seem to be the only ones that clearly look similar to their older counterparts--barring V-Lugia, of course, but that's clearly intentional and looks wickedly cool regardless.

All in all, this has taken its place as one of my favorite emerging advance hacks, and with a little re-mapping out of the way, I can foresee great things for it.

I will always be proud to support zel and Shiny Gold.