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    Originally Posted by wolfie1177 View Post
    You mean Maya's case? Ini Miney came around when Maya was on trial for murder during her channeling.

    And I think I may actually reserve the next game. And I never reserve things (well, except Mass Effect, but that's a different story). Did anyone see the new court design for the next game? It looks really neat, like more warm colors than in the Wright games. And more flags too.
    ooh, i saw that too! the court room looks so well colored and stuff. it looks great.

    reserve as in preorder, right? i will too, because you know how they always throw in a free gift for preordering? (like the plushie for t and t, which i never received cuz they didnt have a record of my order T_T) well, my bro says the japanese version's preorder bonus was an encyclopedia of all things ace attorney :3 doesnt that sound cool?

    waveguide- yup, a musical. its flash, so theyre just creating it by editing the game scenes, but they need voices. seeing as im a singer and love phoenix wright, i decided to try it out :3
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