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    Originally Posted by ACC-M View Post

    I apologize profusely that I missed this chapter being posted. Now, to cheer for it!

    Give me a C!


    Give me an H!


    This is taking too long! Just finish the cheer!

    Go.... CHANCE!

    Yesh, now that was an exciting final chapter. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. You didn't kill Riley! (Yet). I'm going to guess that Chance was using Faint Attack to keep himself and Cal aloft? And what is Cal's full name anyway? I'm very bad at guessing games. Really.

    Anyway, I couldn't find anything seriously wrong in this chapter (or remotely wrong) so this is where I bid this story adieu and give another whopping 9.5 outta ten. Wowza.

    Keep improving or I send my Houndoom after you. Rowr.
    I'm sorry for taking forever-and-a-day for replying. Kinda forgot.

    Cal's full name? He doesn't really have a full name, per say, but he has a name the humans gave him where he trained as a puppy before becoming Riley's partner, and it fits him very well. If you analyze the naming schemes of the Growlithe in the two stories, you could probably guess what his real name is. Or come close to it.

    And yeah, it was Faint Attack which transported them down, as I'm a solid believer that Faint Attack is a dark-type ...type of teleportation which goes through the "space between" (a limbo of sorts) as a short cut to get from point A to point B. Given as Chance can't really Faint Attack worth a darn, he got close but not quite. It did get him more or less where he wanted to be, which I suppose isn't that bad for a first attempt.

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