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    Just because Vav's not posting anymore doesn't mean the game is dead. It most certainly isn't, everyone is still working on it full pelt, and we've been busy thinking up more features to make the game interesting.
    Just like the real games, there'll be fun little sideplots and diversions you can do to pass the time, and maybe get something useful.

    This is one such place. An interesting old man lives here, and he has some useful things you might like. Why don't you go and ring the bell?
    Speaking of which, archaologists in geor recently dug up these old tribal relics, beleived to be a nosering and a cowbell. I bet these would look good on some pokemon.

    Those are two of the new items among many that geor will have. Some items will be for entirely new purposes, like these:

    Happy Hopping Speculation Time!
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