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well, so far all the comments are positive, which i like very much =)
i will probably get no work done this weekend.. I'm pretty busy, and when im not my dad will be on the comp.
but i can let in a little bit on the story line...
after team rocket leaves you go and talk to professor laqua and you get a pokedex, then you can head south out of Scenic City and into some forest(no name yet) right as you get into the forest, there is a rocket talking with some red haired kid. Who you ask? just think about it...
then red head leaves and you battle the rocket. he leaves once you win, so then you can explore the forest. there is an optional exit from the forest into a swamp area( perhaps totodile will be in that area? not sure yet.)
but if you take the route your suppose to, you end up on the a very long bridge (kinda like the biking route on r,s,e but you don't need a bike.
this bridge has trainers but no wild Pokemon.
after that you come to a small island town... idk about any events yet though...
well, ya, thats what will be expected. stay tuned to find out more =)

any ideas or comments???