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    Originally Posted by Dragonsfreak View Post
    well, i follwed chibi Pika´s advise and started to remake my water starter.
    the idea of lizard-thing remains but this time i started with a sketch on a paper.

    this is the result:
    Attachment 38742
    (the legs might be similar to charmander, but i had no other idea how i could draw them better)

    That's your first scratch, no? It's very good for a beginer. I think it's a bit too big, but maybe it's just me. The head and tail look rather twisted, though. Mainly the tail, but again it may just be me. I think there should be some color on the belly's outline, as all the black right there looks out of place. The outline shading on the tip of the tail looks dotty; in those areas use either more blue or more black so the outline looks more natural.

    Keep it up. I'd love to see more of your work.

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