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Name- Eric
Digimon- Impmon
In-Training- Yaamon
In-Training attack(s)- Black Rolling
Rookie- Impmon
Rookie attacsk: Badaboom, Summon
Champion: Hyenamon
Champion attack(s)- Wild Laugh, Shadow Claw, Black Jolt
Ultimate- Lokimon
Ultimate attack(s)- Demonic Knuckle, Necro Grenade, Shadow Rush, Hyper Blaster
Mega- Beelzemon
Mega attack(s)- Double Impact, Darkness Claw, Death Beam, Quick Shot, Mega Punch
Super Mega- Beelzemon Blast Mode
Super Mega attack(s)- Dark Slinger, Corona Blaster, Chaos Flare, Deadly Hand, Screaming Vengeance
Bio: Eric was chosen to save the Digital World soon after finding out that his parents disappeared. He met his Digimon Impmon soon after, and they became friends in the Digital World, raised by a female Greymon, who was recently deleted by the evil Digimon. Eric and Impmon then decided to avenge her.
Rp example- Eric and Impmon has just met. Apparently, they were chosen to fight evil. Impmon was once evil in a past life, but he didn't care. Eric said "Uhhh. Impmon... why were we chosen again?" Impmon said "Fo dah third time... I dunno. We just were. So stop askin' if y'know what's good for ya." Impmon appeared to speak in some kind of accent. Eric became depressed after Greymon's deletion, and recently found out that they were chosen to save both worlds.
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