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    Thanks for comment again^^
    @Dennis ter Maat : I don't need a forum. Thanks for offer. Well yes! There is no "elite 4" in the region. Instead, there is "Gaia Origin" ( still thinking of another name because this name is taken from Digimon Dawn/Dusk). There is about 4 trainer that wanna train you before you go fight with the last battle ( I'll keep it as secret )!

    Anyway, there is also a Torxia League. It was something like tournament. There is maybe 32 ladder and you have to become the champ. But you can only participate once.

    And my team group are planning adding Jhoto and Hoenn ( Just planning ) but we still need discussion. If we added those region, we might just add few place from the region.

    Well, another update about CELEBI that I work for 2 days ( tired .. XD ),
    Here's the screenshot :

    Another news about demo, but it was a bad news.
    The demo will release but without music in the game. ( because my speaker spoilt...XD...)
    Hope you all won't mind^^
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