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    @Griff – Thanks for the compliments; I'm a pretty big Treecko (sorry about the mis-spelling) fan, myself, but I had to have him knocked off for plot purposes. Now, I understand why you want me to describe my Pokémon more vividly, but being on a Pokémon forum I've always figured people would know what the different Pokémon look like. But I will keep that in mind, thanks.

    @Skunter – Again, thanks for the kind words; they mean a lot after such an absence from the forum. About the wolves...coincidentally, this was inspired by a friend of mine's story about a wolf seeking vengeance for the death of its pack. The wolf survived in that one, though. Also, on the topic of swearing, I understand some people don't like it, and some people think they remove some of the feel from the fiction, but I use it for two purposes in my stories only. One, for character building purposes, when I want a character to seem vulgar and very free with his or her words (this is what I did in this fic). The other is to identify serious situations by having a normally very controlled person suddenly swear. It really does snap the readers attention to what is happening.

    Anyway, thanks both of you for commenting. Any more reviewers lurking out there are more than willing to drop by for a few lines if they'd like. x)

    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka and a Happy New Year!

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