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Ooh. Thanks for the corrections. I'm not sure how I managed to miss some of them, particularly the last one. You're right. It does sound awkward. O_o

Also, thanks for the review in general. I'm a little tempted to use the freaky split-personality idea (because, really, that sounds so cool), but alas, I've already got a plan for this.

And as a couple of side notes...

Sorry it took so long to get this posted, I've been terribly lazy with my reviews lately. xP
I'll never be able to forgive you. XD

I mean, uh, it's okay! We all get lazy sometimes! >.> <.<

Aaargh! It's still so short! *Flail* You need to make some mistakes so I can pick up on them and pad my review. >O
In that case, my next chapter will be in chat and l33t-speak.

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