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    Originally Posted by Ikasu View Post
    Somthing looks off with the recolored treeko. And about the scratches- AMAZING! They could of course use some work, but they are some of the best I've seen. You didn't use any other sprites did you? The grass line is better than the fire line. Good shading too.
    yeah, you´re right, there´s something with the treecko...i guess it´s the left arm (it looks like it is growing out of the head cause the colors of the skin and the eyes are similar)
    maybe i´ll make a new one with another treecko as base

    well cause i don´t want to double-post i show my newest work in this edit
    heres the new autumn-treecko

    and the bellsprout line in autumn

    i know that this is just a slight change, but the effect is quite impressive

    here are some revamps from gold/silver-sprites

    i also found some old red/blue sprites with pretty cool poses

    i guess these are more recolors than revamps...

    so tell me what you think of them
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