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    Hi I was just wondering what people thought of this story.

    You start out in an underground/ cave town and your professor is none other than a reformed Giovanni but part of the way through the Game (I am thinking after the 1st badge) He gets kidnapped and brainwashed and Prof Oak comes and takes over in his absence and the whole saving Giovanni is the main story (and the Gyms Story line is just an added extra) which all leads to a battle with Giovanni then leads to a show down between you and The person pulling the Giovanni's and a new evil team's strings and the after that you go about your daily routine with the Elite 4 (because my scripting isn't that great you still need to do the Gym thing all though I said it would be an extra). Then when you have beaten the elite 4 Oak meets with Giovanni and they Give you another starter and they tell you of a bunch of Islands that are shrouded in mystery and you start another mission to explore the Islands (Not to give too much away these Islands will hold the Legendaries).

    Thats all I can think of right now so any criticisms or comments and ideas to expand this story will be greatly appreciated. Also please tell me if this is a crappy idea (Otherwise I wont know) Thanks I hope to hear from you guys.

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