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    In the modern day life, many things go unnoticed through out the world. These things are all cleverly concealed, holding secrets of the planet. Secrets that are only revealed to the ones who have the power TO reveal them. The world remains oblivious to the underlying society concealed by magic and mystery. This society consists of the wonder that normal humans only dream about. A world filled with wonders that seem to only exist in fairy tales. This world is inhabited by humans who have found ways to harness their life energy to do spectacular things such as magic and skills. The ways to use this life energy were categorized by the technique and ritual they were utilized. These categories of usage were Knights, Wizards, Snipers, Ninjas, Samurai, and many more smaller unclassified groups. Humans who learned to harness their energy to to perform skills specific to their grouping are sent at a young age to the four schools of battle, placed all over the world. These schools are Lancaster - in the green fields of England, Darkhorn - In the frozen Tundra in Nothern Canada, Riomahri - in the dense humid jungles of South America, and Sahri - located in the dry deserts of Africa. These schools each pride themselves on how well they raise their students who grow up to carry covert missions to maintain peace in the world without the knowledge of average humans. At these schools, the students learn to hone their abilities, and how to properly cover their weaknesses and amplify their strengths in order to maintain the balance of the planet. To do so, they are sent on various missions to prove team work and strength and build themselves. But the schools do not teach just to maintain peace...they teach also in order to compete. In times of peace, the four schools of battle meet for the unique competition of pitting their best students against each other in friendly fighting tournaments where high powered people come to see which school is producing the best fighters. The students of these schools are always training and working to prove themselves to their peers and elders alike. Lately though... Darkhorn has been rather reclusive and quiet... it seems like something is astir over there... This is where you come in!

    Your Role
    You are a first year student at Lancaster: School for battle. It is a college like atmosphere, where you attend daily classes while learning new techniques and making your current ones stronger. Missions are issued to the students in teams of 4 and usually consist of simple tasks such as monster extermination. There will also be various battle exams which you will be given through the years that i will issue randomly and of course. Final Exams which consist of fighting tournaments in the Colosseum.


    The knight is generally the least conservative about using life energy. Though they make up for it with the weapons they wield. Their weapons usually consist of, two hand swords, Lance/Spear, shield and sword as the most common. Despite their name, knights do not appear like normal knights of mythology. Most wear thin armor as to not hinder movements, as opposed to the clumsy clanky armor of the far past. Along with the many different kinds of weapons, knights have many different levels of life energy usage. The different classifications of a knight are Rune Knight, which are knights with specific magic branded into their weapons. Each weapon can only hold a specific amount of Runes and more powerful Runes take up more than one slot. There are also Dragon Knights who are bonded with a dragon at birth. The individual's battle strengths are never very strong. But once they achieve the final stage power where they combine with their dragon, their power increases exponentially. But this is a skill for advanced Dragon Knights only. Dragons grow to large sizes but the average size for a dragon our age is about shoulder high max.

    Clearly the best at utilizing their life energy. The Wizards use their life energy to control and manipulate the forces of nature to their will. Wizards cast these spells with long chants and verses to summon their spells. Wizards can be split into the magics of healing magic, which obviously heals. Dark Magic, which is dangerously damaging magic which consume large amounts of time and chants to unleash. And Elemental Magic which is the harnessing the natures energy and having control over the elements (Water, Fire, Lightning, Wind, Earth, Ice) though not all elemental spells are offensively oriented. Beginning Wizards learn to use two of these at an early age, and can mix the two. The Wizard always carries an amplifier which increases the power of their spells and can be considered their weapon. These are a large array of items, usually containing sentimental value (Necklace, Ring, Wand, small dagger, etc)


    The Snipers are the few battlers who are restricted to certain weapons. These fighters tend to be mediocre at mid level magics of their element and have impeccable aim. They use their element to amplify their choice of shooting style though their magic tends to become weaker as their shooting distance increases. There are 3 types of Sniper. Crossbow, mid-ranged, and long-ranged. Crossbow tend to have moderately powerful magic that they pack into small arrows that fire very quickly, but tend to be inaccurate. Mid-ranged have the middle of both worlds, carrying a moderately sized bow and arrow and having mediocre magic ability. Long range Snipers carry large over sized bows and rarely are seen in the heart of the battle field. They have small amounts of magical ability for they spent most of their childhood learning to carefully aim their massive bow and arrow to hit targets over 300 meters away.


    The ninja are the mediocre battlers of the battling community. They are not very physically powerful, and also possess weak grasp of elemental attacks. The ninja rarely has an elemental affinity and uses a very weak, wide variety of elemental techniques, and are mostly for sneaking around and gathering information. This being said, they aren't to be taken lightly in a fight. Their nimble bodies and quick thinking often give them an edge over their opponents one on one and in groups. The ninja often carries an assortment of the given tools but usually not all. Shurikens, Kunai, ninja sword, Nunchaku, Flail, smoke bombs, floor spikes, small grade explosives.


    The Samurai are people who harnessed their energy and put it towards their swords, style, and technique. They can channel their energy into the swords and deal fast, lethal blows. The Samurai are truly feared since they are so hard to read in battle. No two samurai are ever alike and their techniques can range from long range to short range depending on how they manipulate their weapons. Samurai equipment always consists of a katana. The only real variable is if they decide to use two katana or just one.

    If you have a different subclass you would like to add, PM me and ask or place it in your application for debate


    1. Basic PC rules
    2. Basic RP rules
    3. No char control unless given permission
    4. I will control the faculty NPC's. But pm me if you have ideas
    5. Don't godmod your char
    6. Don't godmod your char
    7. Don't godmod your char
    8. I know this is an RP where two may fight each other, but please be reasonable about the battles. You don't always have to win.
    9. Try to stay active :)
    10. Have fun! make it entertaining

    ~*Sign Up*~
    Age: 14-18

    Class:(Knight, Wizard/Witch, Ninja, Sniper, Samurai)
    Primary Weapon:(What your char mainly fights with... of course)

    Elemental Affinity:(Element your char excels in. Fire, Water, Lightning, Ice, Earth, Wind. Wizards may pick two.)

    Description: (How your char looks. remember this is modern times... so there are cell phones, computers, ipods, the whole works. 4 line minimum)

    Personality: (How your char acts. Don't be generic about it 4 line minimum)

    Techniques: (The various skills your character specializes in. Please don't make too many *4 max for now* and if your skill is exceptionally powerful, please list its weakness or downfall. Keep it interesting.. remember its a school, we can learn more techniques later :D)

    Additional Information: (Where your char is from, family background, why they're at Lancaster instead of the other schools, things like that. Completely optional but could help your application)

    *My Signup*
    Name: Fenra (Fen) Kurai
    Gender: male
    Age: 17

    Class: Sniper - Long Range
    Primary Weapon: Fen carries a long white bow with each side shaped like a pure white angel wing. The edges of the bow or sharpened for emergency close combat. The bow releases a loud booming sound with every arrow fired, due to the sheer size of the bow. His arrows are long and thick for powerful shots from long distances. Because of the loud sound it makes and the shape of the bow... Fen named his bow, Angel's Song.

    Elemental Affinity: Wind

    Description: Fenra stands about 5'8 and weighs roughly 140 pounds. He has shorter olive green hair with bangs the swoop sideways over his face and has a soft look to it. He has lightly tanned skin and sea blue eyes and a normally happy expression on his face. He wears a tight fitting black t-shirt and brown slim fitted cargo pants. He keeps various supplies inside the pockets of the cargo pants. Under the pants he wears thick black boots with very thick soles so he can maintain grip anywhere he needs to, so he can get the best shot. Along his left arm he has a typical mark of an archer, a thick brown leather arm guard to prevent being bruised by the string of his bow. Fen carries his massive bow, Angel's Song, Vertical on his back and the long arrows it uses, near his waist, tilted slightly to the side for easy access. Fen is a very quick kid as well. His limber build allows him to escape and move fast to a better vantage point, away from one on one combat.

    Personality: Fen has mood shifts depending on the scenario. Outside of mission or battles, Fen is a typical kid. He clowns around a lot and tends to be overly sarcastic at times. He enjoys Lancaster and everything about it, especially the girls who he would not hesitate to sit under a tree and watch walk by all day. The cautious nature of his chosen class, leads him to have a very passive and patient persona though. He never feels hurried, and rarely sees a reason to rush things, especially in mission time. However, during missions, he is quite different. Fen tends to be quiet silent, even on radio transmition between team mates. He prefers to tune out all of the chatter and focus on his duty at hand since he only gets 2 maybe 3 shots tops before his location is discovered and has to relocate his sniping position.

    Techniques: Right now Fen has 3 techniques, crucial to his Sniping.
    Jet stream - Fen uses weak wind magic to slightly bend the air currents, allowing his arrow to more accurately hit its mark

    Sonic Boom - The opposite of Jet Stream, the arrow itself is charged with weak wind. It is less accurate but has a wider area of damage.

    Whirlwind - Fen spins, sweeping his bow in a wide motion and using weak wind magic which kicks up dust around him providing enough of a cover for him to escape to another sniping point

    Additional Information: Fen came to Lancaster, following in his parent's foot steps. They are both accomplished wind masters. His mother, a Wind Sage (powerful witch specializing in Wind) and his father is a powerful Heavy Blade Knight. Both are notable graduates of Lancaster and expect a lot of Fen.

    Enrolled Students (Enrollment Status - Still Open)

    Evkay (Fenra Kurai - Sniper/Long Range)
    Shadow_Yue (Takashi Hikaru - Sniper/ Crossbow)
    Brad, Apocalypse Lord (Brad Matthews - Paladin)
    DrazenHayato (Drazen Hayato - Ninja)
    Midnight_Dragon249 (Alarune Sephalis - Witch)
    ThatInsaneKid (Ruroen Perrin - Rune Knight)
    ACC-M (Edgar Hoffenscheister - Ninja/Mechanic)
    Electric Hero (Max Hunter - Knight)

    This threads for discussion of classes and for plot purposes later in the RP.

    Credit for Siggy goes to Jim <3