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Originally Posted by |:Hiro:| View Post
Pretty good, Flavaquil. My only complaint is that the description could be longer. Accepted.
Cool thanks~

I'll add a bit more on. I kinda ran out of ideas when I was typing it last night.

[simple-spoil=]Evolved Humans:

Name: Andrew Johnson
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Background: Andrew is a little unknown character to most. He comes from a small family out in Australia and is a single child. At age 5, his father died in a car accident and was brought up by his mother in Sydney. He attended a private high school early when he was 11, as he was deemed too intelligent to waste his time in primary school by his mother. When he was there, he was dealt with a torrent of abuse for his size compared to the other students as he was a kid 3-4 years younger than his fellow students. The bullying gradually eased off as he got older and grew, but there always remained a strong hatred for other people. He was regarded as one of the "odd" people and deemed "socially-challenged" by the general population of the school. Andrew had only one true friend throughout his life, a girl named Amy in whom he confided all his secrets with; including his ability. It was at Amy's suggestion in which he decided to venture to the US after high school. He's graduated from high school last year and moved to the US where he was meant to be attending college in a newly established building close to NY City. His true ambition was to discover and join the other evolved humans after finding out his ability 2 years previously and hearing of the events in the US. Knowing that a war is escalating between the Government and the "outlaws" of the evolved humans, Andrew is uncertain where he will stand if a fight breaks out.

Appearance: Andrew is relatively tall, with brown hair and green, emerald eyes. However, he is almost never seen without his dark blue sunglasses which cover a scar over one of his eyes, which occurred during a fight in high school. He's very able to blend in with the crowd after years of hiding and has a wide array of clothing.

Ability: Telekinesis - The ability to move objects with the mind.

Discovery: Back in Australia, 2 years previously, he discovered that during a Basketball game in which he had just been subbed off for, he was able to direct the motion of the ball away from the basket in anger from being pulled off court and causes his team to lose.

Reaction: Astounded by his new-found ability, he explored it further and expanded his capacity to move almost anything without the use of hand gestures to control the motion and instead was able to completely move anything with his mind. However, for more serious, heavy load objects, he resides to the gestures for confidence and concentration, allowing him to delve deep into the limits of his power. At a suggestion from Amy, he decides to go to the US to find out more about why this happened to him after reading about the recent events that have occurred involving evolved humans. He perfected his ability to his full potential and prepared himself for the trip that could change his life.

Side: Currently undecided.

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