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Haven't RPed in a while, but I would love to try again! :3

Evolved Humans:

Name: Rina Chia

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Background: Rina was born to immigrant parents from mainland China. She was born and raised in the diverse neighborhood of New York City, Queens. Her parents are separated, due to her mother finding out about an affair between her father and his secretary. She lives with her mother and her little sister, who was extremely hurt upon the discovery of the affair. Because of thus, Rina tends to be extremely overprotective of her family (which she does not consider her father to be a part of). Rina recently graduated from high school with honors, and will be entering a university in New York City later on.

Appearance: Rina is of petite stature, and average build. She has long (to the middle of her back) and straight black hair, which shines auburn in the sunlight. Her big brown eyes are offset by her choppy bangs, which frames her face. She dresses in a casual preppy style.

Ability: Rina possesses the ability of pyrokinesis, the ability to create and manipulate fires with her mind alone. The extent of her power is unknown, for Rina is consciously suppressing her power. However, Rina can be hurt by her own flame, once it leaves her hand.

Discovery: The first time she unleashed her power unrestrained was when she was in an argument with her mother regarding living on campus. Her mother didn't want to let her live in 'the city', and Rina was frustrated on her mother still treating her like a child. So she accidentally shot out a fire flare, which grazed her mother's right arm lightly - resulting in 3rd degree burns.

Reaction: Rina was horrified at both what she had done, and the realization that she was an evolved human - for she had sided with the government before. Her mother was surprised, but remained positive and supportive of Rina. Her sister still doesn't know what Rina can do.

Side: Undecided

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