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Well, thank you all for your replies. Sorry things have been slow- Christmas has been ploughing on.

@Hiroshi- I have seen that yet I have yet to address it. I will be fiddling with the trainer card in the near future, I assure you.
Can I ask what about the Maps confuses you? Is it the general complexity or the obscurity from the originals?
And finally, thanks for the compliment.

@Celebi- Why thank you very much, I didn't know I had much of a plot! I have fixed the surf area problem (Above). What do you mean by glitches? At any rate thatnk you for posting and your kind words.

@zman- Thanks very much. Not much else to say... Did you enjoy christmas?

@TotoMud- Thanks again! You know that I won't be offended if you do remark about the downsides of the stuff I have, but I'm not complaining.

And on that note do be honest, whether you think it is sweet or sour. Enjoy the New Year all.