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Well, I like your creativity, but I just don't really think it's a usable storyline.
There's too many holes and oddities in it. I don't know if you had any ideas that would fill in the blanks or not, but a few questions:
Where would this take place?
Why is Giovanni reformed?
Why do you start underground?
Why would anyone want to capture Giovanni if he's not even an evil pokemon master anymore?
If the hero is trying to save Giovanni,why would he take the time to fight for badges and the Elite Four?

Now, if you really like the whole concept of Giovanni getting kidnapped and an Island Quest, I'd suggest something more along these lines:

The team that kidnaps Giovanni is in fact, Team Rocket itself. They are tired of TRYING to get him back [as they did in G/S/C] and kidnap him and reveal their evil plan to him in hopes that he'll join forces with them again and give them a strong leader once again.
However, since he's reformed, he refuses, and Oak gives you a starter and sends you on a mission to find Giovanni
Now for Gyms...well, use your could have to battle your way through "Rocket Bases" instead of gyms. That way it makes sense. you're not just stopping along at every gym you see and wasting time ya know?
And after you defeat the 8 Rocke Bases, you find where Giovanni is, and have to defeat 4 Rocket Admins to free him [instead of the Elite Four]
then once he's free, he tells you about this Island that no one knows about, because you've proven yourself worthy.

anyway, just some suggestions to make the plot more usable
let me know what ya think
And good luck, I like your imaginiation!
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