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    I idea was inspired from a past hack that Esmas was doing, but I changed the storyline and made it a bit more in depth. I want to do this idea, but I'm not sure if I should work on two hacks at the same time. If people think it's a good idea, I might do it. If I do take this one, it will either be a hack of either Emerald or Leaf Green.

    (No Name)
    This is the story of the other side of Gold. In this version you play as Silver. You'd start in a small quiet town near Mount Silver (Bad pun not intended). Living with his reformed father, Giovanni, who has driven a hate for Team Rocket into his son. Growing up in a family involved in a life of crime, Silver now has no problems with stealing from other people, and that includes Pokemon.
    On his tenth birthday, he says goodbye to his father early in the morning, telling him he's just going for a walk. The reformed Giovanni, says goodbye without asking where he is going. Silver then and heads to New Bark Town to steal his first Pokemon.

    When he gets to Professor Elms lab, he looks through a window and sees Gold, standing there choosing his first Pokemon. As he sees Elm walk Gold out of the lab, he decides to sneak into the lab and steal a Pokemon.
    When Elm sees Silver, Silver rushes out the window and runs home to show his father his Pokemon. Giovanni, now living a life free of crime, is disgusted when he hears that his son, has stolen a Pokemon from Prof. Elm. After a long argument, Giovanni kicks him out of the house until he returns the Pokemon. Silver heads back to New Bark Town, to give the Pokemon Back, but being the kind person that Elm is, and seeing how the Pokemon has become attached to Silver, he decides to let Silver keep the Pokemon. Still angry with his father, Silver decides to go on his own journey, with his Pokemon, to prove to himself and his father that he can end any evil ideas in his head, by trying to remove Team Rocket from the world.

    And just a little more info, on what I'm thinking about doing.
    Silver will take his own route through Johto, visiting some familiar towns of Johto, and some you've never seen before.

    How's that sound?