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    Well I though I'd come in here to develop my storyline. The game is Pokemon Amber.

    The Thread for Pokemon Amber

    You begin in your room. Your mother calls you downstairs; there's a news article on the Television talking about the dwindling influence of Team Ventule (This Team has played a significant part in the affainrs of the region for the past 20 years). Talks are of the disbanding of the group. The article ends, however. You remember that you have an appointment with Professor Azeleas, and you dash out.
    You meet him in front of the main feature in the town, a large yellow rock. You talk to him for a while, then he invites you back to his lab. Being a friend of your late father, he gives you a pokemon of your choice (The Pokemon available will depend on a factor- More on that later). You make your way to leave when a boy storms in, demanding a pokemon. You block his way and begin a fight. If you win Azeleas will give you five Pokeballs. If you lose, Azeleas will finish the young trainer and you will receive nothing. The trainer, regardless of what happens will then run away. Azeleas will then turn to you, heal your Pokemon and set you on your journey.

    The world that Cingulus is is hard to explain, so I would go to the link if you want to find out more.


    Well, initially your goal is to obtain the eight badges and face the Elite Four. However you are quickly dragged into the affairs of Team Ventule and you must settle the scores. The Amber part comes in as there is, in fables talk of the stone controlling the land of Cingulus. True or not, Team Venule want the rock- Its up to you to stop them.


    All I know at the moment is that
    a. The maps are bigger than those of Game Freak
    b. The Storyline will continue on after you defeat the Elite Four
    c. You will be revisiting most of the routes in the game
    d. The Elite Four will be more of a side quest.