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The PokéCommunity Art Gallery Rules

Do not post requests or separate discussion threads.
You are not allowed to post threads requesting a drawing - if you wish to do this, use the Official Request Thread. Likewise, if you want to discuss art in general or to ask an art-related question, use the stickied Art Discussion thread. Don't post a thread just to ask for someone to draw you something.

Regarding "art-bumping"...
Felt I should clear this up. You ARE allowed to double post here to show new art in a thread as long as the post itself contains new art. If it's been more than a day or so and you have new art to show off, you can "bump" your old thread to post the new art even if no one has replied. The 30-day rule does not apply with this either, so long as it is your own thread. So reviving an art thread from over a month ago, so long as it belongs to you, is fine.

Post sprites, T-Cards and graphics in the right forum.
Sprites belong in the Pixel Art or Pixel Projects forum (whichever is relevant), Trainer Cards belong in the Pixel Projects forum, and Graphics/Photos (banners, avatars, photography and the like,) in the Graphics and Photography forum. The Art Gallery is for hand-drawn or computer-drawn artwork that does not fit under any of these categories. If you have any other kind of artwork and are unsure of as to where it belongs, please feel free to ask.

Do not create contests.
Do not create a contest thread without a mod's permission.

Do not plagiarize.
All art posted MUST be your own work. Do not post other people's artwork here. You will be given four permanent red infraction points if we find proof that you are plagiarising.

Do not use suggestive thread titles.
Do not post threads with suggestive titles (ones which contain rude/adult/banned words) in order to attract people's attention. Threads with misleading titles will have their titles changed.

Do not post SPAM-like comments
These include "That looks great!" or something vague of the like. Also, it is considered spam if you do something like this; Say, there is a houndoom artwork in the thread. If you skim the art thread and see the houndoom, commenting by saying "That houndoom is really good!" That is also SPAM, so don't do it.

Do not create community contributed projects
It's great to see everyone's works all compiled into one thing, but this often causes problems with miscredit, lack of credit, or similar nonsense, and in order to curve that headache, community contributed projects are not allowed. For example, if a member starts a collaborative activity such as drawing all the pokemon in the pokedex by having different artists draw different pokemon, and submit it to the overall project. This is not allowed. If it is an individual project, meaning that you are the only one who will be contributing, please be sure to make that clear at the top of your post, or PM a higher staff member to get approval for your thread.

All the usual PokéCommunity Rules apply.

Mixed Art Supplies, Lookups and References

Here are some links to tutorials that will help you with your art. If you want to submit your own tutorials, send a PM to Forest Grovyle who will judge if they are good enough to add. Do NOT steal from any of these sites.

Current Member Tutorials

Disintegration - How to Draw Pikachu

Forest Grovyle - drawing Sugimori-style

Nekoban Ryo *Nya!* - Watercolor Effect (GIMP)

Tutorial Websites




Note: If you have more places please feel free to PM me the links.
Warning: Some sites might contain undetailed nudity. Usually there’s not much to worry about.


Do not steal any art from these websites, because quite frankly, if you're stealing, they aren't yours and never will be yours. So don't steal, cause I'll give you a pretty warning if you do.

Free Artists' Resources

Paint Shop Pro & Photoshop brushes, patterns, textures, general fonts, and tutorials
-Click here to view the list

Miya's Pokémon World (Poké Pics and Trainer Card Resources)

Click here to view the resources
Click here to view more resources

Got a site to add to the list? PM me!