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    Hey Everyone,

    Since playing Pokemon Diamond & Pearl i've found many glitches not just in the Offical game but i have also found glitches & tricks in the roms. This thread is pretty much just a place post glitches found in the offical game that you play on your NDS or glitches you found while hacking the Roms, Or even playing them.

    Heres mine that i have at the moment:

    1 - Level 101 Pokemon
    2 - Walk through Walls in your Home

    Firstly im going to tell you how to walk though the walls in your home. The place you start at the beginning of the game.

    Here we go.

    Right okay, Go into your home and go upstairs to your bedroom & stand infront of your bed. Save the game and then save it again on the 3 clock spin turn off your ds and turn it back on and move next to the wall and save and then turn off your ds and turn it back on once again. Once you have done that you will be able to walk vertically in the wall were it is black.

    This glitch dosnt always work but you HAVE to have at least 1 pokemon. If you have done the glitch dont save outside the wall otherwise when you load it back up you will be stuck and must start over.

    I recommend trying this on the rom version with a game you dont mind lossing.

    Please upload your glitches in the game here and odd things that have gone on.

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