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    Actually, I sorta thought the same. I looked at how involved some RPGs are with all sorts of extras like fishing or... hmm. It's not coming to me now but a lot of RPGs have so much little stuff to actually do that you'd have to know how to program in.

    EarthBound's system always seemed extremely simple in comparision, save for the rolling HP and the Battle Backgrounds, which is actually some sort of mathematical program running that. Otherwise, you walk, talk, and beat people up. Everything is in the story, not in how many extras you can cram into one game.

    That's why I can't see this being cancelled. It's just too darn simplistic. Again, the worst that'll happen is I get frustrated, and it's just full of imperfections and I have to leave out a lot of special cutscenes/reduce the sprite amount to only what is absolutely necessary. In fact, I could probably do the bare minimum and get this done within half a year (or maybe longer, depending on sprites), but that would be lame.

    When it comes down to it, the only things outside of the gameplay that the game would need is a way to make characters slide on ice tiles (like Pokemon, in that they don't stop until they hit an object, and as far as RMXP goes, I have a source for that), an underwater air meter/counter, wind to blow characters around (slightly), overworld objects that can do damage (damage tiles I guess) like touching fire, and a sort of bestiary, except that it's really specific and only records certain characters after certain conditions are met (so it doesn't even have anything to do with fighting anyone).

    The last thing actually seems like the only really difficult thing to implement. Probably the building of rather than the conditionals, though.

    I am also contemplating whether or not I should do a slot machine. I didn't before and it's kinda of pointless, but EarthBound/MOTHER 3 sort of have one. And as far as games go, in M3, Lucas can play video games but only as something to watch him do. You hear all sorts of sound effects as he's frantically playing, just for him to end up defeated and embarassed. Neat extra touch, though. I'm thinking about just going that route, in that I really cannot see the need for a slots game in this game. If anything, it's just a throwback to Game Corner. Eh, that's a last minute detail I may or may not add in when everything else is finished.

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