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    Well, I'm gonna upload the Beta5 of the normal version of Shiny Gold in my first post, so you know what to do after that (hmmm... just in case for the newcomers, read this guide to help you in the world of patching: How to make patches work, by Hiroshi Sotomura)

    So, let me do a quick resume of all the stuff B5 has:

    Changed graphics- A few things were posted before closing the thread. I have done some more tile and palette changes, and I'll soon reupload the screenshots on the first post to match with the game. Additionaly, you can see a few more Pokemon revamps by Marnic, though the big change will be for the last release.

    An extended adventure- Pay attention to this one: You'll be able to go through all the center and east of Kanto now. The only places left are Pewter and Mt.Moon, Viridian, Pallet, Cinnabar and the islands there. As always, more extra events are waiting for you, and the rivals are always ready to take some of the boringness of Kanto...

    More legendaries- Finally, the dogs will be around after doing their event on Burned Tower. We've discussed about them, they'll run in the wild, and you'll find the overworlds with some luck. And they may or may not want to battle or maybe they'll run away (leaving sometimes an item behind)
    Also, Jirachi can be found on the B5, but you'll have to investigate it for yourself how to get it.

    Musical changes- I'm still getting used to it, so I need that you have a little more patience. There are a few tracks changes (though I still don't handle the volume well, so dont play it on full volume, you are warned! XD) By the way, thanks to Mastermind_X the battles music for Johto and Kanto will be different (but, as I said, there are still a lot of changes and improvments left in this area)

    A new World Map- After a lot of time, we'll be able to fly between the cities around Johto without problems. If you were at Mastermind_X's thread about changing the world map, you should know how SG's map looks now. Still, since there are not many flypost on FR, some places were left without a flypost and you cannot fly there, these cities are Cherrygrove and Lavender (anyway, there's nothing interesting on those places...)

    The phone booths- We've talked about them. Register the trainers on the phone card and call them later through the phone booths (remember that we cannot put the names of the registered trainers on the slots, so, please, make some effort and write them on paper yourself )
    By the way, dont think that rematching them will be easy. They have their lifes, so insist and maybe they'll give you a rematch (this way you cannot abuse the rematch system )

    The Trick House- Same idea as in RSE, located on Route36, you'll be able to do puzzles, which vary as you progress on the adventure. Once you get into Kanto, the requisites for getting new puzzles will differ a little.

    And that's all I remember right now. Remember that the X version will be released either tomorrow or Wednesday (I just defeated the freaking powerful E4... ), so just a bit more of patience...

    Well... Enjoy it!

    (And by the way, hold your bugs till I update my list on my first post after releasing the X!)

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