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    I love the G/S cave music, the D/P Carlos battle music, SPROUT TOWER's theme, TRICK HOUSE tune, the new [revamped] G/S City tunes in GOLDENROD and CHERRYGROVE, etc. A little volume adjusting (which you mentioned) and we're all set!

    The TOWN MAP seems to be perfect so far. I love the new grass tiles (and their animation).

    Some tiny things I noticed (without screenies, sorry):
    - Minor grammatical errors. For instance, a person in CHERRYGROVE CITY says "on your bag" instead of "in your bag," there are some missing punctuation marks, etc. If there's a way to send the game's script to me, I can easily fix all these little issues.
    - When challenged to a trainer battle, hero's overworld does not orient to face the challenger.
    - Upon battling Rival before ILEX FOREST, Rival's icon in the ensuing character bar appears as a question mark (mentioned before, I believe, but no fix possible?).
    - Trainer pre-battle "challenge" music is always the sinister theme regardless of the trainer being fought, all the way up to Route 35, where I am now in the game. One exception is when facing a female ROCKET GRUNT in SLOWPOKE WELL, the script of whom was redone after most of the other trainers were completed, and OFFICERs around GOLDENROD. This even applies to TRICK HOUSE trainers.
    - GOLDENROD CITY RADIO TOWER plays the Rocket/Evil music even on first time entering (when it is peaceful).
    - I believe the SPEAROW given by the guard on ROUTE 35 is nicknamed "KENYA."
    - I have also encountered the name truncation bug after saving normally (through the menu) on Route 30, where I first noticed my Pokemon gaining "boosted" EXP points during battle. This is my first time encountering such a bug. No other "bad ROM" bugs whatsoever have ever applied to me with respect to SG or any other FR hack I've played on this forum.

    Now with screenies (sorry I couldn't get some for the others):
    - Person in GOLDENROD DEPT. STORE still mentions "PokeGear" (perhaps others?):

    - When moving from one route to another (or from route to city, etc), there is no pull-down indicator informing player of his new location. The indicator does appear only when a map transition is accompanied by fade transitions or scene cuts, such as leaving a house:

    - Inappropriate scene-cut image when entering certain areas (e.g. Dark Cave):

    - Item screen image for POKEBEEPER (perhaps other key items) seems wrong:

    Tile Errors
    First we have odd-looking iceberg tips:
    and water borders interposed against trees:
    And the ILEX SHRINE seems to overlap the overworld:
    Although I like the idea of a phone-lamp, this one:
    looks a bit too chopped off for my taste.

    - AIDE in VIOLET CITY Pokemon Center walks through hero's overworld after relinquishing the egg:

    - It is possible to overshoot SPROUT TOWER stairs, showing the hero moving one tile beyond the stairs in his ascend/descend:

    - If the train's not in, what's that I see near the top of the station map? Train is visible:

    As a whole I'm quite highly impressed (I wouldn't have taken the time to write up all of these things if I wasn't).
    I'll try to keep you posted with any other bugs and/or oddities I find. Cheers!

    I will always be proud to support zel and Shiny Gold.
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