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    Originally Posted by funguy10 View Post
    EDIT: And I thought you said you were remixing the music,not ripping it grom Gold directly.
    Hmmm... Have you noticed that on that video the music was inserted OVER the video (you can even listen to a Rattata's cry when entering the battle with the Sudo), you really got confused there...

    This reminds me that I hope to see birthofdna around here soon...

    Originally Posted by sebbe17 View Post
    At the first page?
    Anyway zel: This is amzing.. i just got my 4 badges, and my team is faligator at level 38 and a chemeleon is at 19! Thats just my dream team so far! Thanks for making it posebel!
    Well, I'm not sure if talking about your teams on the game could be considered as spam, but, just in case, don't do it

    And before someone starts asking about how many more Betas will be till it's finished, remember that on a B6 you'd reach Mt.Silver (and finish the normal version of Gold), on B7 I'll implement all the remaining legendaries events and add something more of adventure, and after that maybe a few bugfixes till we can officially say that it doesnt have bugs.

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