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Originally Posted by Team Chill Commander X View Post
meh i just remembered something...

are we going to be able to trade between sg and r/s/e? that was something that was bothering me... i know that all pokemon will be catchable on sg but... its just that fr/lg can trade with r/s/e with both plates... do you plan to add an event that will enable trading with r/s/e or do you not plan to have the game being able to trade with r/s/e?
Remember I said I would make Oak do some modifications so you could trade with the other versions, and unfortunately, Pallet is out of reach on B5 (we know trading is not important, that's why it's so far in the game)

Originally Posted by funguy10 View Post
Are you going to code the ASM code for the sliding puzzles in the Ruins Of Alph? How about the swaying beam in the Sprout Tower so it actually sways?
Well, not really my priorities (although the R.of Alph should be, but meh...)

Originally Posted by Crossel View Post
Yoo zel just a Question..
I like to know some places of the hoen pokemon, because they are hard to find, lil chance of finding one..
Maybe a list for those hoen pokemon, of where they can be found..
Probally you won't do it, but it would be alot easier to know where those hoen pokes can be found..
Well that's it
Well, it'd be better if you PM me your locations questions (as long as it's not one of the legendaries or the special pokes, I'll reply), that way we would avoid ruining everyone else's fun

Originally Posted by DarthSenorQueso View Post
Tell me how toget thourgh victory road.....Please
It's easy, there are no maps, but you can find a lot of info regardin the V.Road on youtube (if youtube people know I'm wrong, then post videos about it ASAP )

Originally Posted by itman1234 View Post
Do you puposely spell things wrong?

The only words that you spelled right were i, all, nice, and up

Learn to speark proper english next time you post, i hardley understood you.

Anyway, i got headbutt working.
Is it just me, or are the pokemon in the headbutt trees really hard to find?
Well, take it easy on him, he's just new

And, yeah, good to know you finally got it working. As you could see, only a bunch of trees are headbutteable (if you were around when we had the "evil trees bugs" then you know how much I suffered with them, so this was the only solution I found), and about the pokemon being there, the chances of finding one are pretty low... And even consider that some exclusive pokemon show up on some areas... It's gonna be a long a tiring search...

Well, on updates thing, my machine has suffered a bit the continuous heat here in my country, so I'm gonna be using it a bit less. Which also means I'll most likely have to delay the release of the X version, however, I doubt I'll have to delay it for too long (I guess it's still coming out this week, I don't have a lot of stuff to do), so well, now you know about it.

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