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    Originally Posted by Nostalgia View Post
    I've been playing beta 5 for a few hours with a new save file, and now I have all eight badges and Im in Kanto going to the elite four. Yay. But my Pokémon are severely underleveled. Well, not as bad now, but I've been training.

    I have:
    Shadow The Umbreon Lv. 35
    Celesete The Espeon Lv. 34
    MUSCLE The Machamp Lv. 38
    Florale The Sunflora Lv. 34
    Zires The Quagsire Lv. 36
    Ty The Typhlosion Lv. 36

    (Yes, MUSCLE is the Machop you can trade for in Goldenrod. And No, I did not cheat too get Umbreon and Espeon.)

    I love this games tiles, except for the revamped GS tiles and sprites, but its just because it looks so weird side by side, but thats just me.
    Lol just forgot about making it trough the ELite4 :P
    And how did you came on the item's to evolve eevee intoumbreon with, or does eevee evolve just by lvling ?

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