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Happy New Years, everyone! All right, here's Chapter Four! And oh, thanks Hanako Tabris for betaing!

Chapter Four
Zap, and You’re Safe

The Xatu looked outside the window. The night started to become foggy. After the long gaze, the bird Pokémon flew towards Jacob. The man just lay there and stared at the old paintings of boats pinned onto the walls.

"Xatu?" the bird Pokémon asked.

Jacob slowly turned around, smiled, and then patted his Pokémon’s head.

"Hi there, buddy. Don’t worry. I’ll be fine."

Jacob lied. He knew everything was not fine. The accidental murder of Ernest was still fresh in his mind. He felt his head swirl in a thousand directions.

Me, a murderer. But it was an accident! I didn’t mean to do it!

His eyes swiftly became watery. Everything seemed blurry except for the digital clock on the wall. The time was now ten minutes to eleven. He cried silently, wanting all this to be a dream. The same thought kept repeating in his mind.

This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening.

Eventually his eyes became drowsy, and then he fell asleep.


The last few seconds felt like forever to Bunny. Her going to jail. She felt her body numb up and Beautifly flying inside her stomach. Her breath began to deepen and slow down. When she finally opened her mouth, her voice echoed in the museum, but luckily not loud enough to shatter some of the artifacts.

"Wait, JAIL? HOW?"

All of a sudden, Jenny grinned and then grabbed Bunny’s arm. The Pokémon archeologist’s eyes widened and she heard Balin screaming the loudest he could muster. A hint of gladness came inside her heart. She was happy her Pokémon was concerned for her. However, she was still worried about what was going on.

Is she going to take me to Officer Timmy? Oh dear no!

Her prediction went wrong. Instead of going downstairs, Jenny led her to the bathroom. When the three came inside, the female officer took out a photo from her shirt pocket and gave it to Bunny.

"This should probably answer half of your questions."

Taking her word for it, Bunny looked at the photo and gasped. It was a picture of the writing on the floor that she saw earlier, except for five extra words:

Check out the Lapras.
First though, get Bunny Spruce.

’First though, get Bunny Spruce.’ Then that means…PLEASE NO!

Once again Bunny felt her body numb and her throat being strangled. She tried to tell herself maybe it was something else she was going to jail for. No matter how much she wanted that to happen, it was highly unlikely. The police were asking questions of Ernest’s death and they found their possible murderer.

"You guys think I murdered Ernest Norrison? Are you two trying to play a game on me?"

Just like that, Jenny gave an uproarious laugh. Both Bunny and Balin could tell that she was very embarrassed when the officer put her hand on her head and her cheeks were blushing.

"Well…Timmy’s sort of, but not me. You see, he thought what he did is a better way to catch criminals instead of the usual catch and then questioning. In a way, it’s true as most criminals don’t come out and say they committed the crime."

While Jenny laughed loudly again, both Bunny and her Ninetales stared at her in disbelief, mouths closed tight and eyes blinking slowly.

"How about the risks? You do not know me and I have a Ninetales here that could have easily burnt you two to ashes!"

"Nine!" the Pokémon said and nodded.

"Aw, don’t tell me this sweet Pokémon would do that!" Jenny cooed in a tone someone would use while holding a baby.

The officer kneeled down and began petting Balin. The fire type growled softly to himself. He had a very patient mind when he was not in battle, but each stroke made him want to bite her hand more.

Bunny’s eyes went wide in disbelief. She was surprised the officer would pet a Pokémon during a serious situation like this. What was even more shocking to her was how Jenny did not answer her question.

Maybe she is fine being toasted?

"Um…can we get back to talking about Ernest’s murder?"

Jenny stopped petting Balin, the Pokémon sighing in relief, and then she got back up. She was about to open her mouth to speak until her walkie-talkie produced static sounds.

"Officer Jenny? Officer Jenny?"

Bunny felt hot sweat flow down on her cheeks. For a second she feared Jenny might turn her in now.

"Officer Jenny, are you…"

Jenny gave a "hush" sound and then winked. Bunny’s eyes blinked a few times while Balin’s right eye opened wide.

"Yes, Officer Timmy?"

"What happened to you watching over Bunny? Did she kick you or something?"

"Yes, she did!" Jenny exclaimed in a fake panting voice. "And it hurts…ouch!"

Balin was about to open his mouth to laugh, but Bunny covered it.

"Well, right now she’s at the bathroom. Get her before she gets away or something."

"Got it, Timmy. I’m on it right now!"

After that was done, Jenny turned around and smiled at both Balin and Bunny. The two, on the other hand, returned that smile with shocked faces.

"Wait…how does he know I am here?"

"Check your bag," Jenny said simply.

Not wanting to be rude, Bunny just did as she was told and opened her bag. That was when she noticed red flashes.


Outside of the museum, Timmy waited for the chief. He had his hands moving up and down on his arms, trying to keep himself warm.

Dang, very cold at night. Also, where’s the chief? Probably more of those stupid drunks.

His mind began to think back on Jenny. Like Bunny, he too noticed her quietness back at the hotel room and during the car ride. He frowned and rubbed his chin.

I probably made Jenny mad at me. However, the chief’s fine with it. I don’t know what is going on in her head, trying to save Bunny. Speaking of that woman…

The man was about to take something from his pocket when he recognized a huge black car parking next to Timmy and Jenny’s police car. When the door opened, it revealed a tall man in a black jacket and gray pants. He then walked closer to Timmy with a smile on his face.

"So, I guess Officer Jenny’s keeping an eye on Bunny, right?"

"Yes, Chief Lucas. Just a moment ago, Bunny ran away into the bathroom and Jenny’s catching up to her."

"Good. Tell her I’m here and that we’ll be up there soon."

Timmy nodded and then talked on his walkie-talkie.

"Officer Jenny, come in. Are you there?"

"Officer Jenny here, and over. What seems to be the problem?"

"Well, Chief Lucas is here and he just wanted to say that we’ll help you try to find Bunny."

"Um…there seems to be a problem. I was just about to tell you before you called me that Bunny just jumped through the window."

The male officer felt like his head was about to explode. Inside, he felt very disappointed in Jenny. Wanting to make sure, Timmy took out a rectangle-shaped device, which had a "blueprint" model of the museum and the surroundings around the building. Outside of the museum, a red dot kept blinking.

"Timmy, anything the matter?" Lucas asked when he went to check the red dot too. His mouth opened a little when he saw that. "She isn’t…dead, right?"

"Could be. Not one hundred percent sure… Oh my gosh, she moving again!"

Timmy and Lucas leaned their heads closer to have a better look at the dot first moving at a steady pace but then speeding up quite a bit.Both had concerned thoughts over this.

"How can she live after a fall like that?" asked Lucas.

"A Pokémon, I bet. I got an idea." Timmy held the walkie-talkie closer to him and then said, "Officer Jenny, stay at the bathroom. Chief Lucas and I’ll come by soon. Got that?"

"Got that," answered Jenny in the walkie-talkie.

The male officer turned around and said to the chief, "Let’s roll!"

The two men rushed towards the museum door, wanting to get to the top as soon as possible.


While Timmy was outside with Lucas, a few things happened.

When Bunny saw the little tracking device in her bag, she took it out and held it up high. The red flashes made Balin close his eyes.

"Tales nine!" the fox Pokémon complained in a soft voice.

"Yes, it is too bright," Bunny said when she closed her left eye.

The archeologist felt lightheaded. She could not believe that she was being watched. She thought tracking devices were weird inventions because they could pinpoint where you are. That was one of the things that fascinated her about history. Everything was being advanced every century, every month, every second.

"Great, I am being tracked. How did this thing get inside my bag?"

Before Jenny answered her question, she smiled confidently. She already knew how she would be able to handle this.

I’ll tell her everything little by little. Don’t want to overwhelm her too much with information all at once.

"All will be revealed later. I got an idea of how to get you out of this mess, though. First, do you’ve an object you really don’t need and some sort of tape?"

This time, Bunny just stared with her right eye wider than her left one.

"Why did you ask that?"

"Just trust me on this," Jenny answered coldly.

Not wanting to get on the officer’s nasty side, Bunny rummaged through her bag and got out a towel and yellow tape. In an instant, Jenny swiped the items away from her hands. When that happened, Balin growled softly again, still not fully trusting the officer. However, part of him made him decide to give her a chance, so he stopped.


Still with her right eye wide open, Bunny just watched to see what the officer was going to do next. Jenny took out a piece of tape and made it into a square. She then put the tape on the tracking device and after that put them on the towel.

"Okay, good so far. Now Bunny, does Balin know Psychic?"

Bunny was about to answer but saw Balin shaking his head.

Jenny’s eyes blinked a few times and then she asked, "How about another Pokémon?"

Bunny nodded and then rummaged through her bag again.

I hope whatever she is doing will help me. Dang Balin for trusting humans easier than me, she thought to herself with a sigh.

Balin stared and smiled at the police officer. Despite a part of him still unsure about her, he decided to trust her for now after seeing that Jenny was not a huge threat to the both of them.

It took a few seconds for Bunny to grab a Pokeball and then throw it on the ground. The ball cracked and Sky came out, his eyes sleepy.

"Drift, drift!" the Pokémon complained.

Jenny smiled and whispered something to Balin. The Pokémon nodded and then spoke to Sky. While the two were talking, Bunny’s mind began to wonder. There were too many questions left unanswered.

Did Ernest write that? If so, why me? Why was there a tracking device stuck inside my bag? Why were the two officers risking themselves trying to arrest me this way than just bluntly doing that? Why did she decide to let Balin tell Sky what to do and not me?

After Bunny had finished thinking, she saw Balin smiling and Sky nodding. All of a sudden, the Drifblim’s eyes turned dark blue and then the towel went up high. The towel smashed through the window. Jenny, Bunny, Balin, and Sky went to the broken window and saw the towel fall on the ground.

Okay, things are getting weird now!

"Why did you not let me tell Sky to do that?" Bunny screamed when she turned around and faced Jenny, her eyes wide and blinking rapidly.

Jenny chuckled and then answered, "I just want to leave you in suspense."

Confusion hit hard in Bunny’s mind. She now was not actually one hundred percent sure if Jenny was saving her. Bunny and her two Pokémon jumped a little when a male voice could be heard from the walkie-talkie.

"Officer Jenny, come it. Are you there?"

Bunny’s heart raced with anxiety. Fear grabbed her with its claws deep inside her body. There was one thought she clutched onto.

I hope Officer Jenny will not turn me in. I hope Officer Jenny will not turn me in. I hope Officer Jenny will not turn me in…

She was about to say something, but Jenny winked. Bunny turned around to see Sky and Balin both smiling in anticipation. Her eyes then gazed at Jenny once more. The officer just smiled back, which made Bunny’s eyes grow big.

She won’t be nervous after this.

"Officer Jenny, here and over. What seems to be the problem?"

"Well, Chief Lucas is here and just wanted to say that we’ll help you try to find Bunny."

Jenny smiled and then said in a fake nervous tone, "Um…there seems to be a problem. I was just about to tell you before you called me that Bunny just jumped through the window."

Jenny stared at Sky and then snapped her fingers. The balloon Pokémon nodded and then Bunny turned around to look outside once more. She saw the towel move again, this time very quickly. Eventually it made it into a dusty brown car.

"Now Timmy will think you hitchhiked a car," whispered Jenny with a giggle. Both Sky and Balin chuckled when they heard that. Timmy’s voice was soon heard again.

"Officer Jenny, stay at the bathroom. The two of us are on our way right now. Got that?"

"Got that," said Jenny in the walkie-talkie. This time though, she did not smile.

Okay, things won’t turn out how I had planned unless Bunny cooperates. So far everything’s going okay.

"Now what?" Bunny asked while her eyes blinked quickly.

"Hide in one of the bathroom stalls, you and your Pokémon. Hurry!" the officer commanded.

Not wanting to be seen, Bunny grabbed her two Pokémon and they went inside the nearest bathroom stall. It was somewhat crowded inside, so Bunny had to sit on her Driftblim, which enabled her eyes to see what was going on.

She saw Jenny looking outside, getting ready for the two officers to come. That time came when both Timmy and another man she never saw before burst inside.

"Jenny, did you see which car Bunny went to?" Timmy asked while taking deep breaths.

"Yeah, she took the brown one at the stop sign!"

The two men rushed to the window and saw the car at a stop sign.

"Why didn’t you stop her?" Lucas asked after he turned around to look at the female officer, his chest going up and down.

"Well, it’s too dark to see. Not only that, I also thought she was dead until those streetlights showed Bunny hitchhiking one of the cars."

Both policemen frowned and their breathing became deeper and deeper. There was silence until Lucas spoke.

"Okay, here’s what’s going to happen. Jenny, you stay here for now and check to see if Bunny comes back. Timmy and I are going to check on that car. Let’s go, Timmy!"

The two men ran and got out of the bathroom. Jenny smiled and then whispered, "You three can come out now!"

The bathroom stall slowly opened and the three came out. Sky and Balin smirked while Bunny frowned. She was still confused about what was going on, her head still repeating the questions she wanted answered.

At least I know why she did that to the tracking device. Still, there are many things that I want to be clear on.

"Okay, we should get out, but first we got some business to take care of."

"Business?" Bunny asked.

Jenny just grabbed Bunny’s arm and the two ran out of the bathroom, wish Sky and Balin trailing behind.


Okay, I'll be honest in that this chapter and the next two chapters (Chapter 5 and 6) are the closest ones relating to "The Da Vinci Code". After that, there will be twists of my own. ;) All right, time for a quick comparision time:

-I remember one scene where the female character in "Da Vinci Code" let Robert listen to a phone message saying he's in trouble. In this fic Officer Jenny just told her straightout.
-In "Da Vinci Code" the tracking device is put on a truck. XD

And I think that's all I can think about at the moment. Probably will edit this...

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed it. What do you think of the little action in there? ^^ Well, expect the fifth chapter to be probably either in late January or early February. My beta is going to be busy for a bit and so am I as I'm going to be back at school soon. >.>

Oh, and Darkpersian, expect the next chapter to explain more as of why Timmy and Lucas are going through with the plan and also why those two are risking themselves. Sorry I didn't do it this chapter. Blame Timmy. :X

EDIT: Decided to do this after one review brought up the attention. Okay, if you guys are a bit confused as to what happened, I'll give the explaination in a minute. I know probably a few of you might be a bit confused as there were a few things going on and also some things that weren't explained yet. Even though I felt doing this make it felt as if I didn't execute the chapter very well, on the other hand sometimes explainations are good to clear things up. I know sometimes I try to look up summaries of what happened from a chapter of a literature novel I'm reading because I was confused what happened! XD


-Jenny took Bunny to the bathroom and then told her of how she's accused of murder and then showed her a photo of one extra sentence from that writing Ernest wrote on the floor that was wiped out. She then showed Bunny that there's a little tracking device inside her bag. Jenny then was about to explain how Bunny got in this situation until Timmy called on the walkie talkie. Jenny lied and said Bunny hit her and ran away in the bathroom. (How he knew that is later on one scene reveals Timmy having a track meter with him).

-Outside, Timmy waited for Chief Lucas. When the chief came, both Timmy and Lucas looked at the track meter and saw the red dot on the screen not moving at first but then at rapid speed. Timmy then talked to Jenny to ask what has happened and then the female officer said of how Bunny escaped, put it simply. (The officers didn't know that she lied)

-Back at the bathroom Jenny had devised her plan on making it look like Bunny jump out of a window. The plan is to put the tracking device on some object (in this case, the towel), and then have a Pokemon that knows Psychic to put that thing on some random car. Timmy then talked at her walkie talkie again about what happened. Jenny lied to Timmy of Bunny jumping out of the window and hijacking a car. Jenny then told Bunny and her Pokemon to hide. (This part happened while Timmy and Lucas are outside)

-Timmy and Lucas came in real quick to check up on Jenny. When they didn't saw Bunny anywhere, they told Jenny to stay put while they go for that car.

-After cost is clear, Jenny led Bunny and her Pokemon outside.

Well, that's the best I can explained of what happened. Yeah, there are some holes like how Jenny knew there was a tracking device and how she got that photo. Don't worry, everything will come together and explain in more detail next chapter. If this still doesn't make sense, I hope at least it will be a bit more clear next chapter.
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