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    Originally Posted by beckerisgod View Post
    zel i wonder if the big boulder in rock tunnel is there cause its an unfinished area? or is it accessible somehow? just wanna know if it`s worth my while lookin` into it
    Whenever you find a giant rock blocking your path it's a sign that something important (and unfinished) will be over there, and maybe in the future it'll be removed or maybe you'd just need to fulfill some requirments.

    Originally Posted by Dragoon View Post
    Hey Zel should't you make the twins not a double battle
    like in Silver and Gold
    where they one pokemon at a time?
    Well, I think on FR the twins were a double battle, and since it's a good opportunity to offer the player a double battle (considering it's not usual) I thought it should remain as double (even when we know the bug associated to this, which I need to get rid of for the next Beta if I am to improve my scripting)

    Originally Posted by LastHand View Post
    Known evolution of trade pokemon....Click if you dare
    Just an error there, it's not Slowbro, it's Slowpoke (unless I've made a mistake)

    Originally Posted by Sunyveil View Post
    hey zel I got a weird bug... When I go to the goldenrod dept. store and buy tms, all of the TMs in my TM case instantly disappear O_O. Any clue what that is?
    Anyone else had the same problem at the same place? 'Cause it just sounds as if this problem happens randomly, which always leads me to think it's a patch or rom problem.

    Originally Posted by shinygoldash View Post
    Do the legendary dogs run away the first time you see them without a battle?
    Cuz I got a Lum Berry
    Not exactly, but the chances of fighting them are really low (you should at least feel proud of seeing them and even getting an item, that's even quite rare), just keep searching, it's a long event to do, as it was in the original (remember that you could have a Pokemon with Mean Look just in case they decide to battle, this doesn't applies to Suicune)

    Originally Posted by D_Force View Post
    Anyway, I wanted to ask - where can I get the elemental stones? (I need to evolve my weepinbell )
    The first place is with the Dragon Masters on the Dragon's Den. I dont know which should be the correct order to speak with them (hey, I could be confused and they could not give a Leaf Stone at all, can anyone confirm what I've said) Well, in the end you could also get one from the old man at the north of Cerulean if you show him the Pokemon he wants.

    Originally Posted by pokeguy12 View Post
    Anyway, in beta 4 ive heard some people have gotten TM aerial ace OR TM mud slap from falkner, which one do you get in beta 5? Because in beta 4 i'd gotten mud slap.
    Mud-Slap, I'm not gonna touch the TMs anymore.

    Originally Posted by pkmnmaster69 View Post
    Im sorry if im not suspose to post this bug here though but when i lost to carlos after beating the eructuk city gym leader all the trainer battle music is the carlos one can anyone help me out how to get rid of it
    It sounds possible. Because we haven't investigated a lot about losing battles (and because my testers dont like to play with the sound on, while I definitely dont like losing battles... >.<)
    Then we can make a list of music changes problems, but, just wait till I update my list of bugs.

    Originally Posted by D_Force View Post
    has anyone completed the whirlpool trick house level? i cant find the code anywhere!
    WAIT! Don't reply to him with a post here. If you want to help this guy just send him a PM (and I wont do it, you just need to search carefully)

    Originally Posted by Iceshadow1 View Post
    oho nice zel just played it
    sux tho that carlos music sounds
    like its skipping or sumthing
    lol everytime i play this hack over i always laugh at the mom sliding to you
    great work man
    It sounds as its skipping or something? Hmmm... Well, in my opinion it was fine (there's a part where there's not good synchronization with one of the tracks but I thought it wasn't important)

    Originally Posted by mentosman245 View Post
    in beta 5 the lavender town pokecenter bugs up and freezes
    As the Route32 and Route10 as well. There are not as many Pokecenters as in Gold, so a few have been remade, and this seems to bring the freezing problem (and the thing that they dont count as a place where you'd be sent if you lose)

    sebbe: Just keep walking for a while outside of his house and dont talk with any berry tree, after a while go back and he'll be there so you can do the rest of the event.

    Done, replied everything. I guess I'll still have some replying work till all the excitment starts to fade away

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