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Forgive me if it has been asked, but I just reset-ed my game and started a new game. The hack's amazing, don't get me wrong there! :D

Anyways, here are my questions/list of bugs...
1. There were two trainers battling in in the route above Cherrygrove, and the trainer saids "Go, SPEAROW!"... Later, after giving back the EGG, I challenged him and wow, a RATTATA.., so what happened to his SPEAROW..?
2. While reading PROF. ELM's message after beating the Flying GYM, some of his lines were cut... ""then next line. But nah~ Small error, easy to fix and ignore. :D
3. Why can't I run around the outside areas of Ruins of Alph? :\
4. An Igglibuff in the ruins? :\

Enjoying the game~

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