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    Originally Posted by pkmnmaster69 View Post
    Im sorry if im not suspose to post this bug here though but when i lost to carlos after beating the eructuk city gym leader all the trainer battle music is the carlos one can anyone help me out how to get rid of it
    Originally Posted by EsMaS View Post
    That's incredibly weird! This post would probably have blended in with all the other posts, but I gotta say that this is very unusual.

    Actually, it's extremely common. This will happen every time you lose to carlos. This is because the setvar 0x7030/7033 command changes all the common music to the carlos/elitefour/champion/anything music. Therefore, this is a glitch that can be fixed by a change in scripting, and it will happen every time you lose to carlos.

    Sorry if this has already been resolved; I haven't been on in a while.

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