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Originally Posted by destinedjagold View Post
Forgive me if it has been asked, but I just reset-ed my game and started a new game. The hack's amazing, don't get me wrong there! :D

Anyways, here are my questions/list of bugs...
1. There were two trainers battling in in the route above Cherrygrove, and the trainer saids "Go, SPEAROW!"... Later, after giving back the EGG, I challenged him and wow, a RATTATA.., so what happened to his SPEAROW..?
4. An Igglibuff in the ruins? :\
Well my friend, the Igglybuff is pretty common around here to question.... pls. read the 1st post...
But it seemes that the Spearow thing is true, when the youngster is battling, the "Go Spearow" line comes in..... like the youngster was using a Spearow but when you battled him his Spearow disappears.....
Must be a common mistake on Zel or in "PKMN GOld" so neh......

I must say the game really rock w/ the phone booths and some other thingees, the game rock keep up the good work there zel!
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