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    People, stop asking about the solution of that trick house puzzle. It's not hard. You just need to search carefully. And, in the end, remember where you are "the trick house" so the puzzle is supposed to be... tricky XD

    Originally Posted by kys27 View Post
    Sometimes trainers just don't battle me.. as if I battled them earlier.
    Is an old save ( from b4) could cause it? ( I naturally patched on clean fr rom )
    Yes, there was a lot of trainers repointings so if you are using an old beta save then you'll be having a lot of non-battles (because you've already battle them before, even if they were other people)

    Originally Posted by itman1234 View Post
    Is the event with getting tyrouge still in the game?
    I usually do that, to geet either hitmontop or hitmonlee.
    Yes, it's still there. I'm not gonna remove anything if it was working fine and it was in the original Gold.

    Originally Posted by stbplayer1P View Post
    The same thing happened to me just I lost in the extra battle in the Azalia Gym, and another musical glich sertan team rocket member cause there special music to play on other traners. And another one, is that on sertan routes the pokemon battle music is wrong meaning it's legandary pkm music.

    lastly zel I couden't help myself and opened SG in advanced map and saw a bunch a other maps that I can't seem to find my way too. Like Mt. Steel, and Pureity Forest where are these?
    OK, I got it. There's some problems with losing certain battles. We'll have to test things more throughly next time.

    Ehhhmmm... Sorry, cannot really tell you here...

    Originally Posted by Mahn r Meh View Post
    Great and amazing hack dude, I'll try to make a little banner or sig for you, ok?
    Just take a look at the ones posted at the first post if you want a guide or to know which kind of stuff I like (but remember that I still need to update that first post)

    Originally Posted by Xgen001 View Post
    i've heard that the flyposts are messed up for blackthorn and mahogany. how bad is it? is it just that you dont warp to pokecenter or do you get stuck in a wall?
    No, they actually work (they'll send you to the proper city... just not in front of the PokeCenter, but they do work)

    Originally Posted by destinedjagold View Post
    Forgive me if it has been asked, but I just reset-ed my game and started a new game. The hack's amazing, don't get me wrong there! :D

    Anyways, here are my questions/list of bugs...
    1. There were two trainers battling in in the route above Cherrygrove, and the trainer saids "Go, SPEAROW!"... Later, after giving back the EGG, I challenged him and wow, a RATTATA.., so what happened to his SPEAROW..?
    2. While reading PROF. ELM's message after beating the Flying GYM, some of his lines were cut... ""then next line. But nah~ Small error, easy to fix and ignore. :D
    3. Why can't I run around the outside areas of Ruins of Alph? :\
    4. An Igglibuff in the ruins? :\

    Enjoying the game~
    1.You can guess that there's no Rattata overworld in FR, and since I didnt want to touch overworlds when I started SG, then I just decided to transform it into a Spearow. What could have happened to his Spearow, well, who knows... Maybe he stored it into his PC or traded it with someone for that Rattata (be creative )
    2.OK, haven't noticed that.
    3.You can't run around a few other areas other than R.Alph, in fact. More stuff needed to be checked.
    4.Yes, we've discussed about it. I wanted to give a baby Pokemon early. And it was because I couldn't fill the place with just Unowns (it was freezing my game)

    Originally Posted by unknown user111 View Post
    the tile sends me down and freezes the sprite(it doesnt freeze the game)

    nice hack

    Originally Posted by thungyx View Post
    hey can anyone gimme the order of the undergroud shulttles pls
    Simple: Just read the walkthroughs whenever you first have a gameplay question (this goes for everyone else)

    Originally Posted by shinygoldash View Post
    Why doesn't Zel just use any pokemon center script for the nurse like the cerulean nurse.
    It would fix the "Killing Pokemon Center"!
    Because I have used it, in fact. And that's the thing that's causing the mess, because there must be an incompatibility between an original script and the fact that the PokeCenter has been made from scratch.

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