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OK people, let me remind you that there's always two things you need to do before posting questions on the thread.
The First: Read the FAQs in the first post
The Second: If you will have gameplay questions, you may want to check out the walkthroughs posted in the first post as well (under the section I called "Tourist Center")

Please, do that before posting in the thread, because you are starting to make questions that have been already asked, or gameplay stuff that it can be found in the walkthroughs, or stuff that simply cannot be revealed that easily on this thread.

Specially, I'm getting quite annoyed with the "where can I find X pokemon?", "where's Jirachi?" or "how does the GS Ball, Kurt, Celebi event work?". You really need to act more like gamers, and investigate the game you are playing.
The Jirachi thing is something pretty strange to do, and until someone else comes up with an idea, all your complains about not finding it wont be answered (specially from me, since the Beta was released just four days ago), and they'll just generate spam, so, wait till someone discovers it, or try to discover it for yourself.

Well, please, dont just pust stuff without thinking. Can you do that for me? Thanks

Originally Posted by martauros View Post
Zel, I found a bug Mahogany in TeamR base: When are you going through the pannels with wild pkmns in gold you can't escape frrom it, here you can
They made everything that way (dont know why), on FR you can escape from ANY wild battle, even from Mewtwo, so there's no way to avoid it. Unless I ask Mastermind_X...

Originally Posted by Dio View Post
There is a BIG bug

I am on the road to go to E4,when you surf east from New Bark Town,pass the waterfall cave,battle 2-3 trainers (after the trainer that has 2 starmies lvl 31 and a Nidoking/nidoqueen i dont remember well) and in the road there is a spot that when you step or surf on it the game RESETS itself.I can't continue because wherever i step, the game resets.Does it happen to someone else?Can it be fixed somehow?

Btw the game rocks.It is awesome keep up the good work.Too bad i can't continue
You are having a big problem which nobody has. It sounds as a patching problem, or maybe using an older beta save. BUT, if you could post a screenshot, somehow (since you are new around here, it'd be hard) I'd be able to help... I cannot say anything till then.

Originally Posted by Elekible View Post
I just noticed a little glitch (not sure if it has been noted before, but meh), whenver you pick a berry you can't pick another berry from any other tree until you enter then exit a building, is this meant to be like that or...
This is in the FAQs. You then said that even after walking 10 minutes outside he still doesn't want the GS Ball. Maybe that could mean you didn't talk with Elm first? If you have, then you are activating another timed event somewhere else, there are a few around (even the trip from Kanto to Johto is a timed event), it should work after some time.

Originally Posted by bakayaroo View Post
why arent Gary replaced with Silver at the introduction ?
Simply, I dont have a sprite to replace it with, yet XD

Originally Posted by Tuskin View Post
I seem to have a ghost Rare Candy, I open my bag its there, I close it open it again its gone, repeate and its back again, I use it, it comes back after a bit. It even has a "x0" beside it.
Sigh... Even more weirdness... No idea...

Originally Posted by itman1234 View Post
I don't know why this happened, but the phone booth got all messed up.
After i beat Morty, i called my mom(for fun) and it said "mem not availiable" or whatever it says when you don't have the person

After i beat Olivine gym it was fine.
Can anyone else confirm about this?

Originally Posted by ChrisG14 View Post
Wow Zel, I'm glad SG's back! I'm sure you don't remeber me (no one does XD), but I helped with the text walkthrough with dirk123. Once I get some free time, I'll help update that walkthrough with Dirk so it goes with Beta 5.
Ah, PLEASE! It's quite urgent an update on the walkthrough, so we can start getting less questions about gameplay stuff.

I'll repeat it...
The First: Read the FAQs in the first post
The Second: If you will have gameplay questions, you may want to check out the walkthroughs posted in the first post as well (under the section I called "Tourist Center")

Now that that's done, I'll say that I'll be releasing the X version tomorrow Friday.

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