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The PC staff has been working on a totally new warning system (though those of you who are familiar with other vBulletin forums may already be accustomed to it), and we're finally ready to put it to use across the forum. It's a bit more complicated than the current way we do warnings, so it'll probably take a couple of reads through this to fully understand. If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask in this thread and one of us will be happy to explain further to you.

The new system is called the Infractions system, and overall, it's going to make it easier on not only us (the forum staff), but for you (regular members) as well. Though hopefully most of you will never receive an infraction, those of you that do will be able to keep track of your offenses in a much more organized way, making it easier to avoid getting more warnings in the future (which can eventually lead to bans).

The infractions system works in "points", when you break a rule and get an infraction for it, you get infraction points as a result. The number of points you get depends on how bad your breaking of a rule is-- more severe infractions give you more points than lesser severe ones. (Just to reiterate, points are a BAD thing. The less points you have, the better you're doing. 0 is best. It may seem silly to say that, but I just don't want any confusion with cash/shop/money systems some people may have used on other forums. XD)

This is a list of possible infractions, how many points they're worth, and how long they last (I'll explain about the expiration / how long they last part next).
PokéCommunity infraction types
Rule / infractionPoint valueLength / expiration
Constant SPAM (judged at discretion of staff)3 points3 months
Character limit breakage (with exceptions; up to five times)2 points2 weeks
Constant double posting (judged at discretion of staff)3 points2 months
Thread revival (with exceptions; up to five times)2 points2 weeks
Disrespect to any member (judged at discretion of staff)6 points4 months
Censor bypass (per offence)1 point4 months
Advertising other forums in posts or PMs (judged at discretion of staff2 points1 month
Pornography, hentai or explicit materials20 pointsPermanent
Other illegal materials (cracked software, ROMs, program serials)4 points4 months
Theft of content (and claiming that something is yours when it isn't)4 pointsPermanent
Ignoring signature rule-breakage notices (per offence)1 point2 weeks
Abuse of video or sound tags (using autoplay)2 points3 months

Infractions "expire" after a certain period of time, again depending on how severe the offense is, while extremely severe infractions will never expire. The point of expiration is to award people who have infractions for good behavior. As an example, an infraction for spamming is worth 3 points and lasts 3 months. If you're given the "Constant SPAM" infraction, 3 points will be added to your total for 3 months. After 3 months, those points will be taken away. However, if you get the same infraction ("Constant SPAM") within those 3 months, you'll get 3 more points and 3 more months will be added to however much time you have left from the first one.

That may seem confusing, so I'll try to break it down further with another example.

Say "Brian" is spamming and causing trouble, and gets the "Constant SPAM" infraction because of it. Before this, he hadn't broken any rules, so his infraction points were at 0. By getting this infraction, he now has 3 infraction points total.

Brian, not wanting to get another infraction, stops his spamming. A month later, however, he's back to his old tricks-- spamming again. He's given the same infraction, "Constant SPAM", which brings his total number of infraction points to 6. His first infraction was only a month old, meaning he had two months left before it expired. His second infraction added three more months to what he had before, making his total until the points expire equal five months. He's now at six points, and he's stuck with them for five months. If Brian were to get the infraction again one week later, he would be at 9 infraction points and he would have to wait seven months and three weeks until they expire.

Simple enough, right? Another example, perhaps.

Jane is the culprit this time, spamming up threads in MCG. She gets the "Constant SPAM" infraction, bringing her total number of infraction points to 3. From then on, Jane follows the rules precisely. Three months pass, and her infraction expires. Her infraction points are now at 0. Because those three months went by without her getting any more infractions, the points for that infraction were taken away from her total.

(If you're still having trouble grasping this, post here in this thread with any questions you may have.)

So, how are infractions given? Infractions can be given one of two ways. The first, and probably most common, is from a post (since the majority of rules are broken in posts-- go figure).

If one of your posts breaks a rule, you'll be given an infraction for it. When that happens, you'll see a "card" displayed in the bottom right of your post ( / , the difference between yellow and red will be explained later).


If you want to know specifically what rule your post broke, you can click on the card to be taken to this infraction detail screen:

It explains all of the information about the infraction. How long it lasts, how many points its worth, who gave you the infraction, and so on. All you need to know about your infraction will be shown on that page, and if you have any questions about the infraction, send a PM to the moderator who gave it to you.

As well as the card being shown in your post, every time you get an infraction you'll receive a PM from the person who is giving it to you. The PM will read somewhat like this:

You have received an infraction at The PokéCommunity Forums.
Dear Audy,

You have received an infraction at The PokéCommunity Forums.

Reason: Constant SPAM
That really wasn't necessary, please try to keep your posts on-topic in the future. :/

This infraction is worth 3 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire.

Original Post:
Hi mom! ^_^ (Demonstrating infractions..)
All the best,
The PokéCommunity Forums
You will ALWAYS get a PM, no matter what. It's an automated process, so there'll never be any forgetting on the moderator's part. When you get an infraction, you get a PM, period.

If you have questions about it, you can always reply to the PM to ask (however in most cases infractions won't be reversed, and flaming the moderator who gives it to you will only hurt you in the long run).

Anyway, the second kind of infraction is a profile infraction. These are infractions that are given to you from your profile (if your signature violates size limitations, you'll get a profile infraction). These are exactly the same as post infractions, and should be treated exactly the same.

Now, because infracted posts will be all across the forum, you can view ALL of your infractions by vising your User CP (or by visiting your profile). If you have any infractions, you'll see this box:

The first column, "Post", will list the name of the thread in which you got the infraction, along with a link to the offending post (depending on how severe it is, your post may be deleted, in which case it'll be listed as "Private", but the post will be quoted in your infraction PM even if it is deleted afterward. If your infraction is a profile infraction, "Profile Infraction" will be shown instead of a link to the post.

The next columns are "date" and "expires", which are pretty self-explanatory. "Date" is the date that the infraction was given to you, and "expires" is the date that the infraction expires.

Next are "Points" and "Reason", which are again self-explanatory. Points displays how many points the infraction is worth, and Reason shows what the infraction was given for.

And the last box is "Posted by", which shows you who gave you the infraction.

Now, this next part may be confusing, so pay close attention, it explains the difference between a red card and a yellow card. A "red card" is an actual infraction, if you're given a red card infraction it means that you get the points for that infraction, these are considered "normal". A "yellow card" is a "warning", which doesn't actually give you the points for it. Now, this is a bit of a terminology switch-up, so it's important to understand the difference. From here on out, a "warning" does not refer to what it used to, a "warning"/"yellow card" is sort of like a verbal "caution" of sorts. If you're given a yellow card infraction, it means that you've just been cautioned/warned about a rule, not actually infracted for it. You don't get points for warnings, only for infractions.

Warnings are meant as a sort of "buffer". Many times if it's your first offense, you'll just get a yellow card for it (which doesn't give you the infraction points), and if you continue to break the rule, you'll get a red card for it (which DOES give you the points).

Just to recap, because I KNOW there will be some confusion about this:

- Red Card. This is an "infraction", and it gives you the points set for that infraction. This is worse than a yellow card. In the OLD system, this was called a "warning".

- Yellow Card. This is a "warning", and it doesn't give you any points, just a cautionary message about the rule you broke. This is slighter than a red card, and is usually given before a red card just as a warning to you. In the OLD system, this was somewhat like a "verbal warning".

Alright, so now that the rest is explained, what do the points actually MEAN? Points aren't something to be taken lightly, they actually hold a lot of weight, they lead to bans.

If, at any time, you reach 9 infraction points, you're automatically banned for two weeks.

infraction points ends up in a one month ban.

18 infraction points will lead to a three month ban.

20 infraction points will result in a permanent ban from the community.

This process is automatic, when you hit these point levels, you're banned immediately for the time listed above. (In addition, if you ever get a total of 25 infractions (NOT points, but actual infractions given), you're banned permanently from the community).

That's about it. Overall, infractions are just a better way of handling "warnings". You'll still be following all of the same rules, they'll just be enforced differently.

I'm pretty sure I covered everything. If you have any questions about infractions, again, post here and somebody will help you.
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