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    Originally Posted by shinygoldash View Post
    So The rival sprite is moved to Blue's slot and Blue's OW(It should be revamped)
    is where the Silver OW originally was.
    I guess if I do that, in the rival naming screen, you'd get Gary's OW being displayed there. So, I guess the way it is now is the way it should stay.

    Originally Posted by bakayaroo View Post
    aha, i see, but cant you choose one of those sprites from serebiis fanart sprites section?
    Well, thing is I already have the help from a good spriter, so he should be the one having the priority in the sprites' topic.

    Originally Posted by GeorgeLama View Post
    just reached the misty part, thats the end of beta5 isnt it? and when i use the walk through walls code everything after celurean city turns odd.. i also arrived at "Pallet Town" and found myself at NewBark town lol
    The end of the Beta5 is not that clear this time, mainly because you can play Kanto more freely and less linearly than Johto. You could say it's over once you've done all the events at all the cities except Pewter, Viridian, Pallet and Cinnabar (as those places are out of reach)

    Originally Posted by Dio View Post
    EDIT: I somehow tried to patch again the beta 5 on another fire red ROM and it worked because the character moved normally on the spot that was resetting the game,without resetting it.But the next trainer has a level 65 Feebas (!!) and the trainer after him has 3 pokemons and the first one has a level 51 Whiscash (and of course i cant win him).All my pokemon are from lvl 35-45.Is it supposed to be so hard or is a problem that I only have, again? What's happening??
    So, I guess it must be a patching problem, then? By the way, are you patching over already patched versions? Because that'll just give a hell lot of problems (Shuri-x demonstrated it on the older thread). Remember to always patch over a CLEAN FR(U) rom.

    A Feebas? He's supposed to have a Milotic on both versions...

    But, yeah. The X version is only for the people who wants a challenge, the levels are pretty high and the special trainers use better battling techniques, that's the only difference, actually. If you were playing the normal version and then you patched the X version over it, well, you'll be in big troubles XD

    Originally Posted by clonex25 View Post
    Finally, Beta5 is released. I hope that it has some good music there. I also hope that the looping thingy will be at the next releases.

    I feel sad about being Shiny Gold is only second place, but at least it reached the Top 3, not bad at all.
    The loop has been added for the tracks I inserted. The only problem currently is the volume, too high and it makes some static noises. We have to keep working on that, clonex

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