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Originally Posted by Volsfan91 View Post
I'm having audio issues with the latest copy. I've not had these problems in the past; it's hard to expalin what the problem is. It's kind of like it's playing multiple audio parts at once... there's like this looping cymbal sound in the background in the second city, for example.

If your ROM is working, would someone please check the md5 value of it and post it so I can see if I've done something wrong?

Patched US release with Lunar IPS.

Here's a tool you can use to find the md5 sum:

Just run the executable and open the ROM. It gives you a checksum, which is a value specific to that file.
Meh zel added new music (d/p music) The music won't play too very well right now so thats why the sound sounds like crud.
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