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    Originally Posted by carter756978 View Post
    Im sorry if you dont want me to post this but i noticed that if you lose against silver the first time you battle him then youll rush home to your mum but come out of the pokemon centre. Just pointing out something that i noticed, im not trying to say your rubbish
    It was like that in the original (well, not like I remember it too clearly right now), so when you lose while coming back from Mr.Pokemon's house (or at Silver's battle) you were sent to Cherrygrove's Pokemon Center by default (even if you didn't go there previously), instead of your house (if I sent you to your house, then you could avoid Silver's battle if you lose before reaching Cherrygrove), so that thing you noticed was something intentional to avoid a bug, and not a bug itself (I cant avoid the 1sec where you are at mom's house... )

    Originally Posted by ~*Pikafan*~ View Post
    Zel, there are 2 bugs that I found in the game. They both involve the trick house.

    When you get up to the spinning arrows map, if you go to the tile that points you down near the entrance, the game doesn't allow you to move. I saw that posted here before too, but you didn't answer him/her.

    And when you have 7 maps left in the Trick House, even after beating the game, he doesn't let you go into the room anymore, but he still says there are 7 more you need to do. Did you stop it there on purpose or is it a bug?

    And there's another thing that doesn't have to do with the game but with the front post. Just saying, when you're editing it, you put the Missingno. in Mt. Mortar Glitch twice, and I think the bike stuff twice too.

    @mach8822: He said after the Shiny Gold X Version is released you can, and it has been. So I think you can.
    The arrows thing was posted before, so I am aware of that. I dont really have to reply to all the bugs posts, because I know it'd make me crazy as before.

    If he says there's 7 more tricks, then it must be that there are 7 more tricks. Problem is, you still haven't progressed more in the adventure (because the Beta doesn't let you to progress more)

    Whatever, as you know, that list of bugs will be taken care of soon.

    Originally Posted by D_Force View Post
    Btw zel, you probably know this but it is possible to remain completely trapped in one of the trick house levels (that has boulders, rock smash rocks and cut trees). So you may need to edit that level to stop that happening
    I think I spotted it when I was editting the trainers in the X version. Additionaly, I think if you are around the V.Road without Strength, you could get stuck in the "hot room" if you jump down the ledge.
    Well, it's really hard thinking the puzzles... Improvments coming!

    Originally Posted by Green Charizard View Post
    I finally got round to playing some of beta 5. Very good job, the graphics are a great improvement. The Phone System works really well and your scripting is, as usual, impeccable. There's a couple of maps that could be improved a bit, such as the New Bark one. But what can I say, sheer awesomeness! xD

    Anyway, I was thinking, it'd be cool to see a new house and lab tiles in New Bark as it gets visited that often. VERY nice work zel, I look forward to seeing more. And seriously, well done!
    New Bark is pretty small, so I wouldn't know what to add there. But, well, you know me. I prefer that the game is actually entertaining rather than being graphically astounding (that's why my fascination with scripting)

    Sure thing, but I'm not a tiler, that's a problem (and I dont think I know of a good game to rip tiles from...)

    Originally Posted by Team Chill Commander X View Post
    ja i've noticed a few things about the phone system that is kinda... odd.

    First... when you add someone new besides mom, and elm) it still says memsomething. Well it remain this way or do you plan to change it?

    Also in the caladon game center the pokesticker machine is using the list for the phone thing. will the machine be removed or will it's script be changed?
    Remember that I cannot change the stuff said in the multi boxes of the Phone Booth. Do not insist with that, 'cause it's gonna stay like that (paper and pen will be your friends there)

    Ah, so I guess that's where the multi box I used came from... That sucks... Guess the machine will be out, then ('cause we need to replace something for adding something, as we cannot create multiboxes out of nothing)

    Originally Posted by SDODC13 View Post
    I got one question are you keeping the gym and leader's music the same for an example or are you doing over all the music. Plus a few side comments. One why are the rocket admin and grunt musics the same? Just kinda curious as to whether you'll make seprate musics or keep it the same and secondly great job on the hack so far and the new added touches are awesome.
    Musical changes are to be expected in the future Betas. For now I'm just leaving everything ready for when I have their corresponding GSC remixes.

    The rockets and admins had the same music in the original, didn't they? (I just gave them the Magma theme, since I dont have that GSC music currently)

    Originally Posted by NidoodiN View Post
    I did notice two Sage Pings in the Ecruteak Gym, though (one named PING!, the other named PING).
    Two PINGs? (Imagine all the bad jokes I could be thinking right now XD), hmmm... weird, that must mean one is the real and the other is the fake, and the one that should be changed (or maybe I just did a mistake on the ID of the battler)

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