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    hi u guys probably won't read this since there're so many pages, i just wanna say keep up the good work!

    and i have this problem, i DO know how to patch the rom, had no problem with any of the hacks i got from here, except after applying the beta 5 patch the game kinda, deteriorates? I.e when u start the game, the Ho-oh doesn't fly or animate and the colours look blurred, and also am i suppose to start a new game for this patch or can i load of my old one from Version 4? Cuz i'm just at jhoto right now, the jhoto fall bit when u encounter Amelia, i opened up my menu and it looks screwed up, i see the "retire" option which is for Safari Zone, i haven't even got up to there yet but if u click it i teleport to Safari Zone entrance, lol wtf??

    Another problem with the menu is i get duplicated options, there are 2 blank spaces on the top of the menu but if u click them it's actually pokedex and pokemon, and at the bottom i see the option pokedex and it opens the pokedex up like normal but this is duplicated, i see the save button but it opens up option instead, basically either it's duplicated or it doesn't do wat it says.......

    And here's the screwed up bit, there're now 2 patches, version5 and the newer one, V5 X patch, i applied the version 5 patch and everything is normal, well not really but it's normal compare to the X patch which is newer, here's a problem with the trainers at jhoto fall:

    When you fight Amelia, her mobs are like lvl 35 average, when u get out the cave i fought only 3 trainers and all their mobs are average around 35 as well, but after applying the betaV5 X patch, the next trainer i fought had lvl 50 mobs, same with the next few, so i was like wtf lvl 35 average mobs and suddenly lvl 50?? Is this suppose to happen??

    so what do i do with the X patch? I tried patching it over the beta 5 patch but same thing happens, if the X patch is newer y is this happening? Wat do i do with it then??
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