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    Originally Posted by carter756978 View Post
    When your in jasmines gym (after youve got the secret potion for ampharos) carlos talks to you and says youve already got 5 badges when youve only got 4
    Because I always assume that you've gotten the badges till Ecruteak AND the badge at Cianwood (5 badges), but, well, you can mess up my calculations pretty easily, as you could not battle Chuck before Jasmine. Or you could even go to Mahogany and then battle Chuck, and that way you'd gotten 6 instead of 5... Sigh... Continuity problems are really troublesome, as it involves people doing stuff I wouldn't do...

    Originally Posted by el lloydie View Post
    Excellent work. I'm just wondering how you plan to include all the other legendaries.
    With events, of course. But it's still a bit early to talk about them. Just know that in B6 there'll be 4 more legendaries (one is Lugia, obviously)

    Originally Posted by axlefoley View Post
    I wasn't reporting it because I thought I had read about it somewhere I was just wondering how to fix it thats all and obviously I have to come from the west route right?
    When you come from the north or the west there are some tiles with scripts to remove Amelia's sprite. However, again, I forgot that you could take the long way and come from Fuchsia and, in the south there are no scripts to remove her sprite... Who'd take that way? XD

    Originally Posted by 747Jason747 View Post
    Hi Guys this a Suggestion how about we start a Shiny gold trading Tread or something Cause on this program Hamachi u can trade or battle over the net,me and my Friends used it to battle and Trade on FR and LF on our Computers we live a couple of Kilometers away from each other.I wonder if u Can use it for Shiny gold?
    I guess that, since SG is a FR hack, anything would be able to work on it... But just do your thread opening if you want and talk about that there, not here.

    And that's what I had. Went has taken care of the rest :D
    So now I can dedicate to my PMs

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