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    Originally Posted by thealexsite View Post
    You all probably know that Shiny Gold is available on cartridge. On my holidays to Spain I went to a market in a busy town only to find copies of Shiny Gold and several other games been sold for £25 / $40. I am fluent In spanish so I got talking to one of store owners and he said that he had download from this very website! Since I knew it was a fake he let me have it for free! It came in a professionally designed box and a instruction book that matches the quality of real pokemon games. Proper labels were even attached to the cartridges.

    Anyways, I looked at the screenshots and I knew instantly I was Beta 2 because there was frequent screenshots at every part of the game until the Olive City where the book ends. If you can get to Olive can you advance east from Ecruteak City to Route 42 and Mahogany Town.

    With anyone who is having problems saving on their Shiny Gold cartridges you can either wash the connectors in alcohol or it requiring replacing components which is much more advanced.
    What idiots if they are going to sell a hack at least wait till it is finished:shocked:

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