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Damn, I forgot to make an "Intro" Sign..


Well, Hi. I have been on Pokecommunity for a while (Err, maybe a couple months...) but I didn't exactly "Post". I used to lurk around. :3
Anyways, you might see me a bit more now. Now I understand that a lot of places don't like Pokemon Fan games, I don't exactly see why...Er, I might..Yeah, I do actually...Sometimes I don't like a pokemon fan game when little effort is put in. Pokemon Ancathite for example, is a game that is giving 110% effort. If you go onto some forums, you will find some pokemon games that basically just let you walk around and bounce off walls..with titles like "IMMA MAK3 A POK3MON GAM3". Then you make it to a Legendary dog and they keep on reappearing or something. But anyways, I have been working on this game for about 2 1/2 months. I had to restart 2 times thanks to ickeh script errors. I have a good amount done, though, not map wise, but scripting wise. I'm not much of a scripter, that is why I am a "scriptenger" (scavenger for scripts) like most people. Anyways, I think I have typed enough...No, wait, not enough about me..XD. I am pretty sexy (ROFL). Not much of a chatspeak fan, I'm OK with "lol", "ROFL", "LMAO", and some others. I mean, would you actually say "Laugh out loud!"? ;D I Have Vista, I am using RMXP.

You are a boy/girl trainer (The normal, you know the drill) and you have recently moved. Your mother is a Pokemon Trainer, and has a Vulpix. She notices how much you love playing around with the Fire Fox [[Not a pun]]. She calls Prof. Oak and requests that you get your very own pokemon. The next day, your mother tells you that You are going to get your very own pokemon! So you head over to Prof. Oaks and you (Should know the drill, again. ) are told to pick a pokemon off the Desk. Your options are Squirtle, the Water Pokemon, Bulbasaur, the Grass (and yet protective) Pokemon, or Charmander, the Fire (and cute and cuddly :3) Pokemon. Before you leave, Prof. Oak has a quest for you. He talks to you about the Mysterious Pokemon, Celebi. He talks about how it can travel through time and such, but a recent sighting has been even more mysterious. Celebi was sighted with Suicune, the Legendary Dog of Water. Why in the world were they together? Prof. Oak needs you to gather info on them and make sure they are NOT harmed, due to the fact they will be wanted by many people. Off you go. But that isn't where it ends..

Giovanni, Leader of Team Rocket, grins in delight. He has came up with a fool-proof plan. Before I can let you know, you must know that he gathers together Team Aqua and Team Magma. They have a meeting, and they decide it is time to get revenge, and must merge together...And create the Ultimate team, Team Light! The Plan is to get Celebi and go back in time to Make sure each team becomes successful.

Screenshots, Videos and any other media related thing..

(Option for "Help")

(Oak starts to talk about Celebi)

UPDATE 1/3/08 11:05 PM
Just some more showing some random screenshots and the PBS and PMS

Your small house. Beh

NOTE-Debug is only for mwa when I playtest

Woo. I gotta Charmander!

PBS in action. Oh. A PIDGEY! :D

Grrr. FINISH HIM. With scratch. :D

CBS (Screen soon)
CMS (Screen soon.)

* Brand-new region
* Interesting storyline
* Day/Night/Dawn/Dusk system
* Weather effect
* Hero and Heroin from FR/LG
* All pokemon available to catch
* 3 starter pokemon from Johto
* National Pokedex
* Catch legendary pokemon with its own story
* Online Trading, Battling, and Special "MMO HOTSPOTS"
* Safari Zone
* Pal Park (Not what you think. Something different, this time)
* Pokemon Evolve, hold items, etc. (You know the drill)
* And plenty more!

My Team
Master Game Maker == Project Director, Event Maker, Graphic Designer, Mapper,

We are still recruiting EVERYTHING. See Our Recruiting thread!


[size=10pt]Support Pokemon: Deluxe![/size]

[size=10pt]LATEST UPDATES[/size]
New Update: Evolving (ROFL, just to show you guys I messed around and made it so level 6 evolved Bulbasaur to Ivysaur..XD


Evolving, as in every other Pokemon game is when your Pokemon reaches a certain level. Evolving is one of the exciting things in Pokemon, but is also hard to decide if you WANT your Pokemon to evolve!

He..He turned Red?

He got bigger..And he is spinning!



OmegaGroudon-Title Screen (Tankshi yous. :3))

Poccil-His starter kit. Deh. I, and many other people would be NOWHERE without him.

And many other people, just to much to credit. If you have made me anything, and I didn't list you PLEASE tell me. I wish to credit fairly.

FINISHING NOTES:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:

We are still in VERY early development. I understand if you think this isn't good so far.

Once again, I would love ALL criticism. Even if you think it is horrible, tell me. Without being told how could I improve?

The Trainers are only for now. I will have my own sprites, err, soon.

That is it for now. :D

(Oh, if I didn't say thing, sorry about the white around the headers. Made them without any care..>.<)
It's all about the sex pokemon here!

Welcome me back. D: