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    Originally Posted by sebbe17 View Post
    You think you might be able to say some other names? It coult be like you woult be giving a name out evey update? Nahh, Then you coult only make 3 updates more But then coult you not just tell about the coolest legend?
    Nope, the only thing I'll say is that not necessarily it means you'll be able to get all 4 of them... And that's as far as I'll go...

    Originally Posted by Ice Lightning View Post
    And one of the things I most liked was the tilesets, were did you get them? Thanks in advance
    By ripping them off from another game (I dont really want to say which) and some from DP, and some others with the help from Green Charizard, and then inserting all of them into the game, under SG's palettes.

    Originally Posted by shaqattacks View Post
    I've just beat the elite 4 and it was awesome. This game is amazing Zel but i have two quick questions: 1 Where did the music when you battle Carlos come from and 2 is their anyway to download the music from beta 5?
    If you've managed to reach the E4, then you should know Carlos has two different battle musics (yeah, I so love myself XD), the "common" one is, as it was said, the Cyrus battle from DP. And then, the "special" one is from... If there are Final Fantasy fans, then... where does it come from, guys?

    Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
    same as me. i first spotted them in the computer of cherrygrove when i was jumping boxes. i released them and now every time i use the computer i check box 6 i now have 4 more then before. im still at cherrygrove about to head to violet city btw

    p.s: i dont use gameshark at all
    Originally Posted by Dragoon View Post
    Hey Zel i found a glitch
    when you are in lavender town i accitentily went to the house next to the place where people "pray"
    i went in a old man said,"what do you want with me?
    i battled him he was way hard i bet him he wanted to show me his special place or something then the game froze
    there the glitch
    I'll be checking both things. Unfortunately, if the box thing is true, I wont be able to do anything there... Because I never did anything related to the box, and doesn't sound as something that someone could fix.
    About the old man on Lavender, that sounds really weird... Not that much, because I once thought about making a hidden dungeon on Lavender's Cemetary with ghosts and all that, but then I rejected that idea, I doubt I could have implemented something related that, though.

    I'm gonna check and see what happens.

    [EDIT1]: Seems the thing about Box6 is true... There's something there which turns out into a bad egg once you put it into your party... But I just wonder where does the problem was originated to begin with. However, it wasn't a bad egg directly in my case, it was just some spriteless thing (named bad egg once put in the party). But, anyway, I guess problems will occur differently for different people. I released this bad thing and box 6 is clear now. I don't know...

    [EDIT2]: About the Lavender thing, that's fake. Because there's nothing like an old man who wants to battle and show you a special place. Unless you try to provide a screenshot as proof.

    Originally Posted by demonmike View Post
    edit: after repatching, all the problems have been resolved, thanks for the info peeps =)
    I just wanted to quote that, whenever there's something not working properly, don't panic and post at the thread. Just try to patch again on a clean FR rom (and you could also get a backup rom from another site just in case), and maybe it'll work.

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