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    More legendaries~

    Name: Polargent
    Gender: None
    Description: The center of its body, where its mind is stored, is a large pyramid, black in color, and on the back face, covered the cannons.. In the center of the front face is one large eye, with a blood red pupil. Surrounding the pyramid are rings of golden spheres in both diagonal directions. They are spiked, and the spikes can shoot. On the horiszontal and vertical directions, we have snow and ice, swirling in vortexes. They shoot ice. Although this Pokemon doesn't have a regal appearance, it is still a powerful pokemon, especially with guarding from both of its major weaknesses, Fire and Fighting, due to its Hardcore ability.
    Personality: This Pokemon is msyteriosu, hidden, and barely seen. It likes loneliness, and is a calm, cold, hard sort of Pokemon. It doesn't take any crap, and will not hesitate to beat the crap out of something if it has to. It does not have many interactions among others, except hiding and gloomy silence. Inside, it is a happy Pokemon- not sunshine and rainbows, but at peace. However, it keeps the happiness to itself, guarding its inner peace like a miser guards his/her money.
    Types: Ice/Steel. In addition, immune to Fighting/Fire thanks to Hardcore ability.

    Other: Hides in blizzards- hard to find, harder to fight, not known of by Nova.

    More coming!

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